I think it's time for Atheists to join STEM scientists and athletes in nonviolent protest of racial injustice and white supremacy.

US scientists take a knee to protest racism

Across the US, scientists have posted pictures to social media as part of the #ScientistsTakeAKnee campaign.

In pictures, videos and messages posted to social media on Tuesday (26.09.17), scientists in the United States joined an online debate highlighting racial injustice in the country.

Under the hashtag #ScientistsTakeAKnee, people or groups connected to the "STEM" fields of science, technology, engineering and math documented themselves as they dropped down to one knee in solidarity with African-Americans.

Take a knee: Dozens of NFL players stage biggest protest yet in res...

We too can should use social media to demonstrate that the hate speech coming from our government doesn't represent us. I'm not proud of our country right now.

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I am more than willing to listen and consider.  Post them here so we can all consider them together, or start a new thread if you feel it takes this one off topic.

Tom don't know if you saw my question above:

"I commend and respect your service, Tom.  So you are literally saying when you have occasion to be at a ceremony or sports event or whatever and the national anthem is played you remain seated?  I'm not playing "gotcha" if you say "yes" then I respect you and I would be willing to punch in the face anyone who wants to force you to stand up."

I saw your question, Jerry. I didn't want you to feel obligated to punch yourself.

Ah, good one.  Wouldn't be the first time.  Well, I find it interesting.  I've been to a lot of sporting events and have never seen anyone not stand up.  How did people around you react?  Did you get a lot of dirty looks?  Anyone say anything?

Hi again, Jerry. I apologize for the long delay.
It’s been years since an event where I’ve heard the anthem played. My usual target is the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayers at meetings of adults and/or veterans.
Re the Pledge, I cite the SCOTUS 1940’s ruling that the Pledge’s purpose is to bring children into the political culture and Paul’s Corinthian letter about his giving up childish things. I win more often than I fail.
As to prayer, my sole win was at a veterans’ meeting that desperately needed more members. I told an incoming commander that prayers result in the members’ looking for others to bring guests. He stopped the prayers.

On matter #2, Michael.

Jim Morin Image source

I'm ex-military and there are times I remain seated. Not so when I was a soldier. Then we have this whole "right hand over the heart" thing. More than not the hand covers the left breast and pectoral area. Is that where my heart is?

This American brief ceremony is much like communion except that it is not religious. Wait. Maybe it is religious. That's why people are so pissed off about taking a knee. Maybe Trump knew what he was doing when he started this.

Do we have diverted attention yet?

James, more people were doing more faking during Prohibition. More young males were doing more faking during the anti-masturbation years/decades/centuries.

The national anthem is appropriate for fallen solders.

Playing it at a sporting event demeans the meaning of it.

Maybe a better way to protest is to not show up. Of course atheletes under contract may not be able to do that. 

Getting on their knee (as though in prayer) is disgusting to me.  They should stand proud.

Why is the pledge of allegience recited and played at sports events to begin with?

Thankfully Jehovah's Whitness' stopped worship of a peiece of cloth thrown out of the public school system.

Is worshiping a flag still going on in some school districts in the U.S.?

It's all about symbolism which is important to many. I find it silly nonsense.

I can't back my words up here, but I've heard that one of our government's departments gives money to teams that do  the anthem thing at sporting events. This money goes to the owners of teams and is to encourage patriotism. If this is true it explains why we have owners so angry over "taking a knee" as well as everybody else. This explains why we have different ideas on patriotism. If you don't follow the rules the government can cut off the money.

What better way to create and spread a forced patriotism?

I think you are thinking of the particular "salute to veterans" and "salute to people in the service" halftime activities that they periodically have.  It was a bit of a scandal when it was revealed that, yep, the NFL doesn't just put those shows on out of the goodness of their patriotic hearts, it was paid for with Department of Defense tax dollars.

But the anthem, no, those are done tax-free out of tradition.




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