I think it's time for Atheists to join STEM scientists and athletes in nonviolent protest of racial injustice and white supremacy.

US scientists take a knee to protest racism

Across the US, scientists have posted pictures to social media as part of the #ScientistsTakeAKnee campaign.

In pictures, videos and messages posted to social media on Tuesday (26.09.17), scientists in the United States joined an online debate highlighting racial injustice in the country.

Under the hashtag #ScientistsTakeAKnee, people or groups connected to the "STEM" fields of science, technology, engineering and math documented themselves as they dropped down to one knee in solidarity with African-Americans.

Take a knee: Dozens of NFL players stage biggest protest yet in res...

We too can should use social media to demonstrate that the hate speech coming from our government doesn't represent us. I'm not proud of our country right now.

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I think you are thinking of the particular "salute to veterans" and "salute to people in the service" halftime activities that they periodically have.  It was a bit of a scandal when it was revealed that, yep, the NFL doesn't just put those shows on out of the goodness of their patriotic hearts, it was paid for with Department of Defense tax dollars.

But the anthem, no, those are done tax-free out of tradition.

I wonder how many know the historical cadre of the National Anthem


How did this get into a conversation about gays?

Trumps favorite newsrag is the National Enquirer.

As Trump takes his early morning dump of taco bell he twitts.

Jerry McMasters

I call B/S.

Sure the DoD uses high school sporting events to promote ROTC training and enlistment.

Where is the evedience that the national anthem was paid for at high school, or national sporting events by the DoD? High school football and other team sports is just another form of tribalism.

If one grew up in Kansas City the Chiefs may be their favoriate football team  just as one who grew up in different regions may support their favorite religion.

Hey Chris.  This is a link from googling "dod paid nfl" there were many news results to choose from.


Interesting Jerry McMasters ,

Didn't know DoD was paying for sports. I dosen't suprise me though.

Communities around the country are willing to pay a premium in local tax dollars to get a sports arena in their town.

I wonder how many 'sports fans' realize that a tax subsidation for a stadium is a form of corporate welfare.

Go Raiders to Las Vegas and other teams elsewhere.

The Raders in Oakland have been know as traders for awhile.

Sports fans may be like religious fans. 

It may depend on the town you grow up in to decide which religion, or sports team you support.

Dolt is an appropriate word for "The Don."

Dunning-Kuger Don may be be better.



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