in light of the recent outbreak, i have so many thoughts on the subject.  

first, tornadoes are largely a north american phenomenon.  they happen in europe too, but rarely the massive types we have here.  if we are God's chosen country, He sure seems to hate us a bunch.  especially in the Bible Belt.  

second, what happens if tornadoes become much more prevalent?  will people who live in those areas move? kinda like the situation with coastal areas.  will those people move inland?  could that bring liberals and conservatives into direct contact?  could that even work?  sounds scary.  

third, if tornadeos do increase in frequency, will people more readily accept climate change? 

fourth, i have an acquaintance who believes that the government can create tornadoes.  he does't think this is a conspiracy theory.  

fifth, i fully expect Pat Robertson to claim that today's tornadoes which are about to hit Moore, OK again are revenge from God for that atheist woman who Wolf Blitzer interviewed after last week's storm.

sixth, storm chasers are badass.  

seventh, it makes sense for Republicans to be religious.  if God didn't hate poor people he wouldn't send tornadoes to wipe out their trailer parks.  

finally, i couldn't live in tornado country.  those fuckers scare the shit out of me.  good luck to the people of Oklahoma tonight, my thoughts are with them.  

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I need reading glasses.  I've seen the post title several times, and I keep thinking it says "Let's talk tomatoes."  A fine topic, to be sure.

I'm sure tornadoes in Oklahoma are god's punishment for gay marriage in Massachusetts.  God is like that, you know.

Please don't send those people here to live.  It's hard enough!  

You are thinking that more tornadoes will convince people climate change is real, or should be addressed in some tangible way.  This is known as the "2X4 method", hit people over the head with a 2X4 and that gets their attention.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.  In the bible belt, the belief is anything that brings the world closer to Armageddon will bring the true christians closer to god's paradise.  It only encourages them.

You are right about god hating poor people.  If he didn't, Jesus wouldn't have been carried about on a golden stretcher, with a silver crown of thorns upon his perfumed hair.  Drinking the finest wine he could make from water.  And partying with Herod and Pontius Pilate.

At first glance I too thought that is what it said, "Let's talk tomatoes." If you substitute "tornadoes" with "tomatoes" Matt's post is hilarious!!

as in "Tomatoes are largely a north american phenomenon.  they happen in europe too, but rarely the massive types we have here."  so true, so true.

SB, i'm not under the impression that a rogue tornado or two will convince anyone of anything.  i realize that the dissonance is strong with many when it comes to this subject.  i think the majority of true deniers are hardcore ideologues, who choose not to believe in climate change because their religious leaders and politicians tell them it's a hoax.  

what i'm wondering is whether or not a massive outbreak over a prolonged period of time might nudge some people towards acceptance. these very areas that are experiencing these twisters are chalk full of deniers.  at some point, i've got to think that enough 2 x 4's breaking over enough heads might lead to a change of thought for some.  

ideally, it wouldn't take any of that. 

Lets talk tomatoes.  That's how I read it also.  My vision is not up to par, but I also blame the font.  That, and the way many letters are normally written.  

It's one of my beefs.  An "e" easily becomes an "o" when the lettering is small.  And capital "i"(I) is the same as small "l".  Then there's the difficulty in deciding whether a character is a zero or the letter "o" in a character string that has no context.   Ridiculous!  Just three examples of many things that need to be changed and never should have been standardized in the first place.

OK, rant over.

Spud, a magnificent rant! I echo yours. 

I live a tornado prone state - Illinois. Not as bad as Texas or Oklahoma, but we get them.  I once had to laugh at a guy I met who moved here from California to get away from earthquakes (we also have earthquakes in southern Illinois - right across the Miss. River from New Madrid, MO). I guess you could live near the ocean. Well, maybe not - hurricanes and typhoons. In the mountains, possibly. Wait, there's blizzards and landslides. Northwest coast? Naw, volcanoes. River valleys? Flooding. Come to think of it, can't imagine anywhere you can live that is immune from nature.

Sooooooo, I guess that means that the great cosmic jewish zombie will get your ass no matter where you are. Unless of course, you grovel, hate yourself, hate your body, abrogate the right to think for yourself, and give your money to a bouffant haired televangelist. Screw it, I'll get a first aid kit!

actually, the northeast US is pretty safe.  no earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides, few tornadoes, and hurricanes rarely (until recently) have much effect.  we get some snow but most parts in the area see few bad storms.  we're pretty lucky around here.  

go figure, the least godly part of america is the most spared from god's wrath.  

Clearly, god's aim sucks.  He was aiming for a dozen gay couples in Norman, Okla., but hit a few miles north, at Moore.  Again.  Don'cha hate it when that happens?

I don't have any data to support my idea, but does not the Great Lakes set up a condition for perfect storms? Those heavy snow storms, for example? I choose not to live on any ocean coastline, or in any river valley, even as I live in a volcanic area of the Earth, with the Cascades and their active volcanoes to the west and Yellowstone Caldera that breaths measurably to the east. 

There are many very good scientists who disagree with this hypothesis, but with the weight of the ice on the poles reducing, the Earth's crust rises. Such changes happened during the last ice age, the Canadian Earth sank under the weight of ice and rose again as the Last Great Ice Age ended. If the polar plates shift, the theory is, the other plates will shift. If there is massive shifting of plates, there are world wide volcanic eruptions, creating a global weather change. That happened after the Last Ice Age. If any of this is true, and if we are not aware of the threats, we can do nothing about it. On the other hand if we do become aware of the threats, we can do nothing about it.

So, enjoy today with full gusto, be grateful for every breath of fresh air, hug our families and friends often, build a good support system to ward off depression and anxiety, and dance into the storms. 

Of course I exaggerate! But what the heck, it feels better than just sitting, worrying, fearing. This is a time for courage. We know change is happening and according to historical records, Earth's patterns often change catastrophically, and more often slowly. If we understand that, and if we understand there is a possibility we have absolutely no control over these major events, then we learn how to manage our anxiety and stress, live a happy, healthy life, and realize what is, is. 

The very worst thing we can do is to expect a higher power to protect us, to believe someone answers our prayers, and to claim Armageddon is a desirable thing and put hope in such nonsense. 

Those religious who blame women, homosexuals, sectarianism are just plain fools, disgustingly ignorant, and blatantly insane. 

If you think about it a minute, almost all rivers are located on fault lines. Because of the fault, the rocks crack and crumble. When water flows, it finds those cracks and a flow pattern develops. Small at first, larger later. The Columbia River, Mississippi River, Colorado River, are just three examples. There is also the Washita Valley Fault System —

"A New Look at an Old Fault. With the application of plate tectonic concepts to southern Oklahoma, the structural style has recently been characterized as a wrench fault system. The Washita Valley fault (WVF) is generally considered to be a major left-lateral strike-slip fault with an offset of approximately 40 miles."

Washita Valley Fault System — A New Look at an Old Fault

You can get raptured by a tornado.


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