On this day when Christians remember and commemorate the alleged resurrection of Jesus, let us, the non-believers, the atheists and agnostics, instead remember Kara Neumann. She was eleven years old when she died. It was a needless death. On this very day, Easter Sunday, six years ago, 2008, she died, because her parents trusted more in the power of God to heal, rather than trusting in doctors. She had undiagnosed diabetes, and for days had suffered horrifying pain, before dying, this day, six years ago. So, for us, at least for a moment, instead of celebrating life as the Christians do, let us mourn the passing of this sweet, innocent, child, who none of us had ever met, and now never will. Let us make this a day of remembering the stupidity, absurdity, and atrocity, of Christian faith, even any faith that worships a god. Let us remember the complete impotence of non-existent beings, and the insanity of believers for putting their trust and confidence in such stupidity, and will go to extremes to express that confidence.

Rest In Peace Kara Neumann, poor child, who didn't get the chance to grow up.

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Yes Mindy, very, very, sick. Such believers as believe more in faith healing than in doctors must also be sick...in the head. They need a good dose of old fashioned Thorazine.

There are a good many people who end up killing themselves or their children by using alternative medicine (homeopathy, etc.) in place of regular medicine.  You can find horror stories at http://whatstheharm.net/.  Sometimes they believe the alt-med can heal them because the method does have some benefits for their health.  For example, people with cancer sometimes adopt "natural healing" methods like extreme special diets (there's one hugely bulky diet of raw vegetables that also involves coffee enemas (!).  Some people who try such methods will have an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity or other kind of food allergy, and they might feel a lot better not eating gluten (or whatever).  So they reason that the special diet and coffee enemas must be helping with their cancer. 

So the alt-med believers are sometimes extrapolating too much from little evidence - they aren't quite as far out as faith-healing believers who can justify their belief only with a lot of cognitive distortions or scams. 

Most believers in alt-med have the sense to also use regular medicine, but not all. 

Thanks for the link, Luara.

I was not aware of her until now, but your words are very well said. Reality is remembering Kara today. Not in any make believe nonsense from 2000 years ago. Thanks, Tony.

Anthony, you've given us all pause to once again contemplate the evil that is faith. You are right. Now is not the time to think of a 2000 year old pretend zombie. Now is the time to reflect on the harm done to others, especially the innocents, by the belief in such a zombie.

And let us also remember the doctors and researchers who are bringing new tools and weapons to fight these diseases, almost on a daily basis.  More and more I read about new treatments, medicines and therapies which have the promise to reduce such afflictions or perhaps remove them altogether, and that news makes me smile each time I hear it.

And I remind myself that the believers' inattentive god does NONE of this.  This is the work of intelligent and driven human beings acting for their own kind, solving and salving the problems of our imperfect species, while the believers cling to a deity who could have gotten it right the first time and didn't ... mostly because he fails to exist.




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