How many "offenses" from the bible can we list which demands a good healthy stoning?


I'll start, hmmm, let me see;


Working on Sunday

Teens sassing their parents

Eating "unclean meats" or shell fish

Homosexual acts


I know there must be tons more.


Also, I wonder if there were "stone" vendors at these social events, perhaps they

had a booth of their wares?

Sell by the dozen, buy two dozen and get 10% off your next purchase.

Kids get to stone for free on Wednesday's.


How many folks do you suppose would bring their own stones?


Do you suppose they carried special stone bags with a nice leather shoulder strap?


This may have been the first business enterprise ;)

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Are there any women here today?

-Stop picking your nose.

-I wasn't picking it, I was scratching it.

- You were picking it while you were talking to that lady!

- I wasn't!

- Well leave it alone, give it a rest.

- Would you be quiet, big-nose.

-Don't you talk to my husband like that.

- Well I am sorry but he has got a very big nose.

- Oh leave him alone.

- You're not so bad yourself, conch-face. Where did you two come from, nose city?


- Oh come on Brian, let's go to a stoning! - Alright mum.



"Nothing on the telly tonight love, let's go the the stoning"


Oops...wrong kind of stoning. ;)

Im getting stoned ....RIGHT NOW!


Don't bogart...pass it along!




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