Let's start a campaign to distribute atheist literature

How many of you are familiar with bookcrossing.com? I have started distritbuting Letter to a Christian Nation via this site. I cannot afford to buy a lot of copies of them but if we get a bunch of us doing this perhaps we can get this book into the mainstream.

This is how the Latter Day Saints gets the message out, why not us? (Bibles in hotel rooms) Let us get some Sagan, Harris, Dawkins and Hitchens out there. Frankly I am partial to Sagan and Harris, but your own favorites would be great. Check out the web site.

Think what we could do if we could start a campaign like this. Get that literature out there and start something. Tell me what you think?

I have three more copies of Sam Harris's book to get out.

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Yeah, we don't have the donation/tithing base that the church does.




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