letter that church and theocratic legislators pay for dogma from their own pockets

Why do we taxpayers always have to fund the Catholic Church’s insane dogma?


A judge again ordered the Oakland Children’s Hospital to keep the brain dead girl on a respirator for another week  so that her parents could arrange for her long term care by a hospital in New York.  Undoubtedly that care will be at taxpayer’s expense.  Every time the Catholic Church and the Fundamentalists it uses as cover forces hospitals to follow its insane dogma, we taxpayers  end up footing the bill.  We will have to pay for this dead girls’ long term care as we will for the lifetime welfare costs of all the children they forced create from fetuses in women who didn’t’ want them and could not afford them.  They care zero about the lives of  ill pregnant women who will die without abortions.  We should force the Church and all of its legislator allies to pay these bills out of their own pockets.  The Vatican is worth trillions of dollars.  It should be forced to pay for them.  We should all write our legislators about this today!

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And they care zero about how an unwanted child feels...




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