I'll admit right now that I read alot more discussions than I comment on, but after getting to know alot of you people i'm starting to see that a vast numer of us were all religious at one point.


Now I was never raised in a religious environment. My mom had a religious boyfriend for ten years..well he was religious but in that hillbilly no-questions-asked kinda way, he never went to church or anything. But other than that my family has no interest in god and the only time they talked about it was when they were telling someone else to stop talking about it. So i've always been really lucky in that sense. I remember asking my mom when I was a kid if I was religious and she told me I could decide that on my own when I was old enough. I've always appreciated the family I was born into and this is definitely one of the reasons.


So why am I telling you all this? Mostly cause it results in me not knowing shit about what its like to believe in god. I've always had alot of pride in my anti-supernatural opinions, but sometimes I think i've missed alot by not knowing it in the first place. Does it make me less of a god hater cause i'm ignorant to him? Sometimes I think true athiesm comes from having experienced it and realizing it's bullshit...


...and if so what does it make me? Every once in a while I think i'm missing something about god cause so many people have fallen for it. But the idea always seemed so stupid to me, even when I was really young.

-I must point out that my family also has this thing where NOTHING is worth being emotional over, so that might have something to do with it...but still. What is it about god that I dont get? Whaddid I miss?


am I thinking too hard about this?


did I burn my samosa's while getting carried away writing this?



.....yes :(

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I never had two sets of grandparents. My mother's parents both died before I was born, so I had only known one set of grandparents my whole life. Lot's of people, perhaps most, have two sets of grandparents at some point in there life. So what's this have to do with atheism? It's just something that is and two sets of grandparents is something foreign to me, just like being religious is foreign to you. My point is basically that perhaps we were both missing out in some way, but in other ways we are probably both better off.
I never knew my dad or his family, but i'm assuming i'm better off cause of it. I'm definitely not complaining or anything cause i'd rather not know what my life would've been like with a dad or god. But i think this might be a little different than that cause god's always been an option, a second set of grandparents never was.
No, it's not exactly the same, but the point still remains valid. The point is that when you grow up without something that many/most people have it's not really better or worse, it just is. I think some people would say that it's better to grow up in an atheist/non-believer household while others would say that is better to grow up in a religious household because when you become an atheist you know the "other side" better.
I wish I knew the other side. It makes me feel worse when I look down on people who so blindly believe something so stupid...But come to think of it...this might be like wishing I knew what it was like to murder someone just cause I generally dislike people who've done it. *think think*
I'm sure you are very familiar with the old adage, "the grass is always greener..."
Having grown up in a christian household I know what it is like and it's not all that fun. There were a lot of things I was not allowed to do because of my parents beliefs.
I do understand your point, however. But perhaps you should be proud of the fact that your mother was intelligent enough to allow you to make your own decision. In my opinion, that says quite a bit about her character.
Lmao my whole family's gonna get a kick outt that comment LOL. Mostly cause my mom's stark ravin mad.
In a funny way...*shifty eyes*
Just remember, "In a world gone mad only a lunatic is truly insane."
It's preferable than having two sets of grandparents where one set does not give a damn about you. Less pain never knowing someone than being rejected by them for something beyond your control when you're too young to understand why.
In my opinion you didn't miss out on anything.
You didn't really miss anything great. I think that the only difference between atheists that were formerly religious and those brought up with sane parents is the level of anger we have for theism. Lifelong atheists are generally not as anti-theist.(I know I'm generalizing here) I know I'm kind of angry not just with my former church, but with myself for being fooled for so long. Just my opinion but I definitely think ur better off
You didn't miss anything, and if you still feel you did...purchase a bible and read it. Then, buy a few christian bestsellers...read those. You can watch all of the preaching online you can stomach...just google. It won't take too long to "catch up" atleast not on the christian frontier.

I'm raising my daughter just as you were raised...and I feel I am doing her a huge favor, because I was raised in a strict pentecostal environment. If she chooses to explore religion when she is older, then that will be her choice. Atleast, I won't be responsible for any brainwashing resulting from religious abuse.

Scott is right, we former believers have to deal with a lot of anger issues. I know I do! When i run into someone that I used to attend church with...or worse...admire in church as a "leader"...I get infuriated. I do not like feeling this way.

You had it good! :)
Thanks, I did have it good...uh pertaining to religious beliefs he he X)




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