I'll admit right now that I read alot more discussions than I comment on, but after getting to know alot of you people i'm starting to see that a vast numer of us were all religious at one point.


Now I was never raised in a religious environment. My mom had a religious boyfriend for ten years..well he was religious but in that hillbilly no-questions-asked kinda way, he never went to church or anything. But other than that my family has no interest in god and the only time they talked about it was when they were telling someone else to stop talking about it. So i've always been really lucky in that sense. I remember asking my mom when I was a kid if I was religious and she told me I could decide that on my own when I was old enough. I've always appreciated the family I was born into and this is definitely one of the reasons.


So why am I telling you all this? Mostly cause it results in me not knowing shit about what its like to believe in god. I've always had alot of pride in my anti-supernatural opinions, but sometimes I think i've missed alot by not knowing it in the first place. Does it make me less of a god hater cause i'm ignorant to him? Sometimes I think true athiesm comes from having experienced it and realizing it's bullshit...


...and if so what does it make me? Every once in a while I think i'm missing something about god cause so many people have fallen for it. But the idea always seemed so stupid to me, even when I was really young.

-I must point out that my family also has this thing where NOTHING is worth being emotional over, so that might have something to do with it...but still. What is it about god that I dont get? Whaddid I miss?


am I thinking too hard about this?


did I burn my samosa's while getting carried away writing this?



.....yes :(

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*Drops to his knees* NOOOOOO! WHY?! WHY CRUEL FATE! *Punches the ground* THEY WERE SO YOUNG! ALL THOSE SAMOSAS, GONE!

You didn't miss anything.
Wait, let me rephrase that, you didn't miss anything good.
You don't have to be religious to realize that it is bollocks.
*sniff* I know...they still tasted awesome :)
whats a samosa?
I know i like mamosas!!
lmao! They're an indian creation of like....veggies and...stuff in a deep fried bread...*drools* Oh man if only i had some riiiight now.
The only thing I would say you missed out on is that epic "a-ha" moment.

To be lumped into any religion, to get that itch on the back of your neck that makes you want to look away, try to ignore it, look at it again, and again until you think and perceive differently from others. It is a tremendous personal journey.

And if you truly think you are missing something about God that might be there, then pick a religion and give it a go. But somehow I don't think that is the case, I think you are noticing you are in a rare place because you are among a small group that didn't leave a religion.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. You line is pin straight while others' maybe jagged at best. That's nothing to ho hum about!
"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. You line is pin straight while others' maybe jagged at best. That's nothing to ho hum about!"

Beautifully put. Those jags can really mess you up if you're not careful!
Yeah! I hate jags!
You may not be able to experience their viewpoints as an insider, but by reading the texts and conversing with them, you can reduce most of that ignorance. It's not that hard to step into another person's shoes if they're willing to be open about their viewpoints. And I've yet to meet a religious person who isn't open about their belief system.
Got any amusing examples?
Sometimes I wonder what i would be like if i had grown up in some form of a normal family, but then i remember that most "normal" families are just conformist, fundamentalist family's...and who'd wanna be part of that?
You missed out on the beatings the nuns used to give us with a yardstick or clicker/mallet, the "fire and brimstone" priest (YOU"RE ALL GOING TO HELL!) and the assistant pothead priest my catholic schools and church had. You missed out on sneaking alter wine out of the bottle it was kept in. (Yuck.) You missed the god damn Good Friday Stations of the Cross which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Rosaries upon rosaries... You missed out on all the spoon-fed guilt and being forced to go to confession. (I used to make stuff up.)

So yea, you didn't miss out on anything important.
That sounds like a troublemaker's (me) dream :)




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