I'll admit right now that I read alot more discussions than I comment on, but after getting to know alot of you people i'm starting to see that a vast numer of us were all religious at one point.


Now I was never raised in a religious environment. My mom had a religious boyfriend for ten years..well he was religious but in that hillbilly no-questions-asked kinda way, he never went to church or anything. But other than that my family has no interest in god and the only time they talked about it was when they were telling someone else to stop talking about it. So i've always been really lucky in that sense. I remember asking my mom when I was a kid if I was religious and she told me I could decide that on my own when I was old enough. I've always appreciated the family I was born into and this is definitely one of the reasons.


So why am I telling you all this? Mostly cause it results in me not knowing shit about what its like to believe in god. I've always had alot of pride in my anti-supernatural opinions, but sometimes I think i've missed alot by not knowing it in the first place. Does it make me less of a god hater cause i'm ignorant to him? Sometimes I think true athiesm comes from having experienced it and realizing it's bullshit...


...and if so what does it make me? Every once in a while I think i'm missing something about god cause so many people have fallen for it. But the idea always seemed so stupid to me, even when I was really young.

-I must point out that my family also has this thing where NOTHING is worth being emotional over, so that might have something to do with it...but still. What is it about god that I dont get? Whaddid I miss?


am I thinking too hard about this?


did I burn my samosa's while getting carried away writing this?



.....yes :(

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The only thing I can think of that you have lost out on is lots of pain. It can be very hurtful to realize there is no god, when you do you can lose members of family and/or friends, it can be incredibly hard to let go of afterlife and the last bit of superstitions...
So nothing to miss there.
Oh, and reading Bible won't make it easier for you to understand how is it to believe in god, Christians do not read Bible, only few verses they are told to read at church.
"You could save a lot more souls with roller-skates and Easy-Bake ovens, than with this [lifts Bible] 2000 page sleeping pill."




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