When discussing homosexuality, Christians like to point to Leviticus 18:22, which declares homosexuality an abomination. However, in Lev. 18:19, it says a man should not engage in sexual activity with a woman while she is menstrating. In Lev. 18:26, it says "But you shall keep my statutes and my ordinances and do none of these abominations".

Sounds to me like it is saying ALL of the acts previously described in the chapter are abominations, not just homosexuality. If this is the case, where are the Christians holding signs that say "God hates men who sleep with menstrating women"? I guess that just doesn't have the same ring to it. It would also mean adultery, incest, and beastiality are abominations as well.

If nothing else, Christians are consistent in their inconsistency.

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That's a good point. So how the fuck do they explain the priests that molest the young boys? How the hell do they not get kicked out of the Catholic church? They even manage to get forgiven by the papacy.
... or better yet if they protect the rapists, they're promoted, taken to the Vatican, given their own cathedral there and given a personal assistant, as in the case of Boston's cardinal Bernard Law. He then went on to be among the cardinals that helped to choose the new pope.

@ Heath: I'm not picking on you personally, but you have no way of knowing that. Jeebus has always been dipcited with long hair and a beard, but there is no way to know that for certain, just as there is no way to know for certain if he ever really existed.

This is a common habit with human perception and the processing of information. We all have a clear image of what Jeebus was supposed to look like, but that image has been choosen for us by our ancestors. We take what we see, read, and hear and file that away as fact, when very often it is not. We all do this. It is part of being human, though I'm not sure why.
Actually I've always been convinced that Jesus had a healthy sexuality - most religious gurus do (those who create new religions at least). Maybe even a sense of humor.
Exactly. I think it is funny how jesus is portrayed as a white male.
Well, gosh Heath, you don't have to be an ass about it. I didn't miss your point. I agree that these biblical rules are stupid.
@Dallas: *hug*
@Sarah: Thanks!
While adultery, incest and beastiality are generally frowned upon in Western society, Leviticus 18 also proscribes a bunch of "WTF?" items, like wearing mixed-fiber clothes, eating shellfish, working on the Sabbath, and keeping an animal of "mixed kind" (A chimeric mouse? A mule? A cockerpoo?).
Is there anything in the christian bible about M2F anal?

A woman was trying to lecture me about my not going to church. She asked what are you going to say to G'd on judgement day.  I said, well it's like this.  You want me only to worship you but you supposedly sent your "son" as a middleman, so what's up with that? Am I to follow you and your teachings or your "son's?"


I asked her how many commandments are in the bible and she looked at me, well, it's 10 silly.  I said for you to be true bible thumper, you are a very stupid one.  There are 633 commandments in the bible and xtians like you cannot follow the first ten.


I walked away.

They don't pay any attention to that other stuff because as Christians they're under the "New Covenant" and Jesus did away with all of those old laws.   But the ban on gay is still in effect because God's word is forever and unchanging.


Pretty convenient for them, eh?



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