When discussing homosexuality, Christians like to point to Leviticus 18:22, which declares homosexuality an abomination. However, in Lev. 18:19, it says a man should not engage in sexual activity with a woman while she is menstrating. In Lev. 18:26, it says "But you shall keep my statutes and my ordinances and do none of these abominations".

Sounds to me like it is saying ALL of the acts previously described in the chapter are abominations, not just homosexuality. If this is the case, where are the Christians holding signs that say "God hates men who sleep with menstrating women"? I guess that just doesn't have the same ring to it. It would also mean adultery, incest, and beastiality are abominations as well.

If nothing else, Christians are consistent in their inconsistency.

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Don't forget shrimps. Leviticus also forbids eating them. God hates fags and shrimps for the exact same reason.
In the old testament, you were forbidden to eat the shrimp, crab and lobster because they were unclean. I heard something along the lines that when a lot of people passed away at one time, they would dump the bodies into the rivers and oceans, where the bottom feeders would eat them, thereby creating a cannibalistic cycle.

I believe this rule was revoked somewhere in the new testament.

But then again, I should consider the source. My uber-christian, everything-in-the-bible-is-true, lover-of-the-crab brother-in-law is my source.
Grasshoppers have SIX legs! You've killed us ALL!
I dunno. Apart from the bit about homosexuality, Leviticus 18 sounds like good advice. You probably shouldn't sleep with your sister or a cocker spaniel.

Could probably find better examples of Bibical craziness.
Saying we can eat four legged insects is a bit odd.
On the contrary, it makes sense: Hebrew numerology
Have you ever seen an insect with four legs?
The point is, 4 is a good number for insects. As are 9, 17, and 113. You can eat those. Whether they exist or not is irrelevant.
I was just pointing out the hypocrisy, not the craziness. They pick one verse out of the chapter and constantly bring up how homosexuality is an abomination, but they aren't nearly as concerned about men having sex with women who are menstrating.
Because the Bible is full of equal parts double speak and magic tricks.
'Member that part of the Bible that talks about Satan being rather bright, and how (basically) he can convince people of ridiculous things to lead them away from God?

Right so I don't think Christians see the irony in that. At all. And on top of that, the religion teaches them to fear and denounce logic, because logic is a sign of le devil. If it DID teach them to be logical, no one would be out protesting with a sketchy biblical passage backing them up.
Jesus said the old laws have to be followed "til heaven and Earth shall pass away".
Matthew chapter 5 plus a few other places I can't recall.



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