1) If the lies damage someone's life in some way, what should society do to punish the liar?

2) If the lies damage many peoples' lives in some way, what should we do to punish the liar?

3) If the lies cause half the population of the US to be delusional, what should we do to the liars?

4) What power does society have over an individual, or small group, or an entire minority?


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1. If I lie and sell you a house I claim is safe and it falls on you and you get hurt I should go to jail. If I lie and tell you all dogs are friendly and you get bitten by an unfriendly dog then you are an idiot.


2. Appropriately, all the people who have been damaged by the lie "smoking is good for you" are idiots. You do not have to smoke for very long to know it isn't good for you. If you lie and say that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and is trying to use them and take the whole world to war with that lie then you should go to jail.


3. The better question is what are we going to do with all of those delusional people. Can you say biggest psych ward ever?


4. Society has the power to use force by strength in numbers over any one person, group or minority. Which is why it is funny that such a small minority of people have managed to maintain much of the control in my society. It always comes down to force, the ultimate endgame to any divisive argument.


How would our society change if it was against the law to lie PUBLICLY? Maybe a fine if you are nobody and jail time if people tend to listen to what you say. Think on that one... I like that one.

"Can you say biggest psych ward ever?" wanna bet?


There's lies, there's those that don't get their way or are too impatient...

perhaps they lie to speed up something. From what I gather lies are a control mechanism that is obsolete now; w/advent of what we're typing into everyday; global network, global sociology in life now. Look, lies get F minus everytime. Question is best asked did you learn from your mistakes?




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