As organizer of a few Atheists groups in the DC area, I frequently get Libertarians into the group. After finding most of them unrealistic, I did some research to try and understand why. What I found was not very pretty. How can a group, on one hand, support the Separation of Church and State and on the other have a problem with the Feds (IRS) keeping religious organizations in line with their nonprofit status? I also discovered that many don't believe in Global Warming. Like Evolution, Global Warming is based on facts....not something that you believe or don't believe. Am I missing something here....or are they having trouble with reality?

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When the oil is finally gone, melted glaciers, the loss of polar bears and sea levels a few feet higher than present will be the least of our worries.

I agree with you 100%. So wouldn't it be a good idea to start restructuring our economy along sustainable lines now instead of later?
How would such a restructuring be carried out without increasing state power? If there is a better way then please tell me because I can not conceive of such a monumental and financially infeasible task be accomplished by anyone but the government.
As far as I can tell his plan consists of increased government research into renewable energy and new subsidies for wind, solar, etc. Then again, private capital and the government are so indistinguishable now that perhaps the distinction between market and state solutions is a false one.
Ok, so here are some of the obligatory questions from a non-libertarian to a minarchist that you've probably heard before.

Left to it's own devices, the Free Market has created a tendency to give a great deal of freedom and comfort to property owners, while forcing non-property owners into de facto surfdom. Is this really freedom, or is it the fullest expression of the propertied classes attempt to maximize it's power in society?

In a world of finite resources how can economic growth continually occur?

Don't we all have the sovereign right to discriminate based on race, gender, religion, etc? Can't mob rule be just as oppressive as an authoritarian government i. e. Jim Crow?

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