The following is the precursor that lead to this thread about Libertarianism and Socialism and any other  form of government others wish to add to the discussion. 

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MCT - no - morality isn't based in rationality - it is born with social species of animals....

A man, a rational man, worthy of rights, will work for his own food

Maybe not...I would rather be a parasite in former natzi german society than a member of the party!!!!!

In a free society, A man, a rational man, worthy of rights, will work for his own food.

One mans freedom can easily be at expense of another mans slavery....look at nike shoes or many other companies that make the american standard of living better off at the cheap labour of another man....Wait until all in china demand the standard of living you do.....and it will happen.......It is more likely that the standard of living you have now will be the highest you will ever see, America will never pay back its debts and will be china's little bitch.......

There is no causal link between being able to by shoes of your choice and slavery. Maybe, centered in the brain of an immoral person was the decision to do something bad, but blaming the process of trade between consenting humans is not right, Veganape. It is not capitalism's fault, it is whoever made the decision, to say steal, murder, employ under false pretenses, coerce or whatever.

But when you buy from that company you support the actions of that company. If you were not to buy from them they would have no customers to sell to or at least one less. The west will pay this back in a reduce standard of living from here on in. As we are running out of cheap layout countries ( and resources), we have given up all our manufacturing to these cheap labour countries, Recovering from this will take time. Meanwhile as standards of living go up in chine so will all our everyday needs and machinery etc..we will be brought to 2nd world levels as the 3rd are brought to the 2nd. It is how it must be. Just like using a few million years worth of stored sunlight in 100 years. We live in a non sustainable world. If you do not like your freedoms now , then you will hate whats coming......

Right on.

Why thakyou Apess...Be you far away?

I am not thinking about the country as a whole. That is an abstract concept that is not as real as the individual entities that make it up. I am thinking about individual people and their ability to be in charge of themselves.

I refuse to be morally responsible for people's food. Or anything else for that matter. I have more respect for humanity than to institutionalize violence for the sake of giving people what they should rightfully get on their own.

I completely reject the idea that in a libertarian society we would have mass starvation and riot. I think that is paranoia out of control. And I also refuse to pay people to avoid their violence, that is, I would if I could without going to jail for tax evasion.

Anybody who commits a crime should be prosecuted, tried and sentenced and have that sentence executed.

MCT, thanks.  I'm not trying to change your mind, just see where you're coming from.

For the record, the best way to avoid taxes is to redistribute your own wealth :)

MCT - but surely you have to think of the implications of your idea on a country level - otherwise how are you going to do it?  On a community basis - or create a new small country of your own - as someone in South Australia has aimed to do - on his quarter acre block of land.  He refuses to pay rates to the council and has set himself up as a separate country.

I agree that it isn't moral to take taxes forcibly.  What you are proposing is that tax is voluntary in the form of charity.

I would of course think about it on a country wide and in fact universally wide scope, but only the little tiny individual thinking units get the rights. Charity is different than voluntary taxation or fee for service or paid citizenship. Charity, you get nothing in return, but the knowledge of increased funding for say, spinal cord research, and a warm fuzzy feeling in your 'heart'. You most definitely get something in return for voluntary taxes, fees and citizenship.



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