The following is the precursor that lead to this thread about Libertarianism and Socialism and any other  form of government others wish to add to the discussion. 

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"Our evolutionary brains are hard wired to act in our rational self interest, which often includes cooperation and compassion."

Kinda hard to square that with the impulse items at the checkout counter. Humans often try to act in their rational self-interest, but we're not particularly adapted to do so in our modern environment. Most humans do not work the way Ayn Rand thought they do. You've seen plenty of examples of people making appallingly bad choices in life, and people frequently do so even in the absence of perverse incentives. The myth of the rational consumer is pervasive and clearly at odds with available evidence.

probability of the impossible is precisely 0.0%

That is circular reasoning, I think you know that. You have no way of knowing what is impossible prior to the assessment of its probability.

Not at all. The logically impossible cannot logically have any probability at all. One need not bother with empirical results concerning the logically impossible. Only possible things require research into how probable they are.

Until the research people thought it was impossible for subatomic behaviour to be non deterministic. Some people would consider nuclear fission to be non deterministic under classical view as it did defy the chemical laws of conservation matter, If we therefore used our existing view of what is possible we would never have discovered nuclear physics, but we did hence I am afraid you are incorrect when you say "One need not bother with empirical results concerning the logically impossible. " as at the time perceived logic was that it was impossible.

What are you saying, that sub-atomic particles come from nowhere? And act not based on the structure and momentum of other particles? Sounds like magic. What we do not understand about the limit of our perception does not constitute evidence that a giant elephant can appear in my apartment in ten seconds from now.

yes particles do come from know where. this is the basis of a quantum leap. Even hawking radiation is based on particles come out of no where. which is a proven fact

I think you assume you know more about the world than you actually do. 

A little bit of knowledge will  make you feel like you know everything and hence is dangerous, A lot more knowledge will just humble you and make you realise how much more there is to learn

I've been studying physics my whole life as a hobby. I too fell for all that subjectivist relativist postmodern bullshit they sell in the universities, back in the day. Knowledge about something random makes absolutely zero sense. I prefer to be rational and recognize that we do not yet have a complete theory of subatomic particle action.

relativity has nothing to do with the subatomic.....It is simply the causal link between to different states of energy. It is not bullshit. Your GPS relies on relativity and is corrected for it in two ways. one the effect on time due to the gravitational field of the earth and two the effect of  motion relative to the earth....I don't think you have studied much physics

Back in the day hawking radiation was just hypothesised now it is proven


Well, I do think you've studied much physics. How helpful is that? Let me tell you, it's not. I guess I should feel bad that all those books I read and classes I took aren't impressing you. I know the difference between QM and relativity. And I know both are useful for technology and mathematical prediction, but both intrude into epistemology when they shouldn't. We rely on the principle of identity to learn, no matter what type of information, things must be some things and not others and must impact the world through the causal chain or they don't exist, and we cannot learn about them. If you learned it, you depended on the law of identity to do it. It can't be used to negate itself.

Well I can assure you as an engineer our world is based in physics. every device you use in your modern world is based on our calculations. Your online reality is based on our calculations. As stated, Do you think relativity is abstract from interacting and influencing your reality. then explain the fact that with out these corrections that GPS does not even function to any level of useful accuracy.

The law of identity is bunk. philosophy is about as relevant to reality as newtonian mechanics. that is to say it works as a principle of loosely accurate repeatability. The second we took a ball of uranium and turned it into nothing but energy we defied your law of identity        

  A = A  is bunk  A = Ac^2


Pop culture physics. Like Stephen Hawking coming to the conclusion based on physics, that there is no god. That's funny. It is reason that both atheism and physics depends. Not the other way around. Your fancy technology works because our incomplete models mathematically represent how some things behave, but this is not a comprehensive model. Nothing you can learn through the use of reason and logic can teach you that the process is magical. And things appearing out of nowhere due only to chance and not caused by something else is fantasy.




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