The following is the precursor that lead to this thread about Libertarianism and Socialism and any other  form of government others wish to add to the discussion. 

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MCT - do you ever have strong emotional reactions in amongst all the logic?

What? Of course, Alice. I am human. Sensitive, but not soft. I have stated previously that my patient's happiness is very important to me and they know it, evidenced by my empathy. No amount of compassion justifies institutionalized violence. Emotions are nothing more than a rough guide. It is more wise to understand the reason for your emotion that to act on it!

I am fairly convinced that you have a fair few narcissistic traits, Have you ever considered that just as AR created here own philosophy to justify her own narcissism, that you may be doing the same thing. It is possible other humans have a physical pathological need that you just don't possess? or have you just read to many self help books? This is just an observation and does condemn you socially in any way as you can use these traits for good and I am sure you do. Lack of empathy for example can be very useful in a medical environment or an emergency, It enables you to respond rationally while others fall in a heap...

We already went over this. I am not ashamed, nor do I try and hide, my narcissistic traits. But it is not a disorder because I am have the ability to recognize them, adapt and moderate my behavior. I have a great deal of empathy and show it on a regular basis. This is AN and I am debating ethical, epistemological, metaphysical and political ideas with a bunch of people who welcome institutionalized violence. It is not my lack of empathy that allows me to tell one family their loved has died and then really quickly intubate someone else in respiratory failure because I can properly prioritize my emotions and my logic doesn't get overwhelmed by them.

psychopaths know exactly what they are, this is why they loath the weak and frail. Just because you are aware that you have those traits does not prove you are not actually a psychopath. I have Bipolar disorder, I know I have it, does that mean now it is not a disorder?

No. People who have bipolar disorder can have great insight into their condition. People with personality disorder do not.

One with a personality disorder has the problem of not being able to reflect on their personality traits and taper them to a situation.

I'd really like to have more respect for you, but it's tough with this psychopath shit. I empathize at many levels with all kinds of people and animals. I am not prone to violence. Knock it off.

I never accused you of being violent, clearly your entire life is devoted in the opposite direction, I just merely wonder if you had considered that emotionally you are not connecting with others the way others would. By your own admission you would not be aware of it, although from my understanding generally a lot do but maybe that is only after being diagnosed. Its not like having NPD would be your fault, It would just be a feature of your own character that would need to be addressed like my OCD. 

I OPENLY APPOLOGISE FOR MY LACK OF TACT, I LIKE YOU AND WOULD STILL DO SO EVEN IF YOU HAD NPD (which i don't necessarily think you do, just that considering the idea might make you consider more carefully the importance of empathy, if the lack of it concerns you so much). I AM SORRY

my uncle was the head of the emergency department for about 20 years - unfortunately his marriage broke down and so did he - and left - by all accounts it is a very stressful job - I think that my uncle must have also been good at managing his emotions, to allow him to move from one emergency to another - not a job that many can do effectively or sustainably.

MCT sure - but emotions are what tell us if we have well being or not - and if we don't have well being it is our logic and reasoning that tells us what to do to get it...

I'll go with that. It looks a lot like my, "Emotions are nothing more than a rough guide. It is more wise to understand the reason for your emotion that to act on it!".

Why does your comment start with "sure - but"? Emotions are useful. But, they are feelings and are not sufficient for knowledge, gotta have reason for that.

MCT - some people have less influence from their feelings - than others - I say feelings because I'm referring to a general feeling as opposed to emotions.  If we have lots of toxins in our body they can effect our feelings - but not our hormones - unless they interfere with our hormone production - I don't know a lot about bio chemistry - I know enough to manage myself - but not much about it generally or medically - but basically someone with really good health, good diet and good genes is more likely to be able to function rationally and reasonably at an optimal, as opposed to someone with problems with their genes, their fetal development, pathogens in the body, ill health etc....  some who are at the extreme suffering from so much emotion or feeling that it interferes with their ability to think rationally or reasonably - how ever much they may value rational thought - they are incapable to having it.

If you have a negative emotion, it is because your brain is integrating perceptions that do not integrate without contradiction. Sense perceptions that suck are going to make you feel bad, of course. Sometimes if these sense perceptions are too intense, one cannot even think properly and consistently. We do need some level of pain, though. And what makes us successful and happy is when we use our ability to reason to manipulate our reality. In fact, we humans couldn't live for even a day, unless we sat in a room all day, without the use of reason; we are no longer equipped to live on instinct. No amount of people who are less able to control and prioritize their emotions is reason to be bullied into investing to sustain their adversity.




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