There is life after death. Your children or other peoples' children will be here after you are gone.

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I agree with The Nerd on this.

I must apologize. I did not explain what I was trying to get at. Maybe if I add the foillowing:

The Earth will still be here. It is a matter of perspective.

My molecules will live on in the shit of earthworms.


We depend on wormshit for our crops, those pink little guys are what keep the earth going.

What about if you're cremated?  Do worms eat cremains?  I don't think so.  Ashes aren't appetizing to any creatures I know.  Maybe some plants absorb ash.

How can you believe in life after death if you're truly an atheist?  Since gods are mythical creations of the human mind, as are "souls," what could live after dying?  And if you posit the existence of some part of the human mind that lives on without a functioning brain, where would it live?




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