How many atheists here, though not believing in God, Satan, heaven or hell, still believe in some kind of conscious existence after death ? Anyone ? I, for one, do not believe in any kind of conscious existence after death. Death is the end.

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For all we know, when a person dies the brain might go into a dream-like state while the brain waves or brain activity slows down from the normal state when fully awake through the patterns typical in sleep down to no brain activity at all. And for all I know this deacceleration of brain activity gives off an electromagnetic field which is different from what is given off in typical states of being awake or being asleep. Just in case any of this is true, it would all still be explainable in a logical, rational, scientific, non-supernatural manner and there still is no afterlife. (Bardos has to be imaginary. You die when you loose consciousness for the last time. After that, whatever happens in your brain until all brain activity finally stops doesn't make a difference to you because you have already quit existing).

 A lot has been said about the soul during last three to four thousand years. If you will know what Pythagoras, Pluto, Aristotle have said and what the Vedas, the Upanishads, The Bhagvad Geeta and the philosophies of the Buddhists and Jains, the Chinese and Egyptians say about soul, you will know that its all an amusing confusion in trying to explain the unknown. It betrays complete lack of knowledge. Its all false.

I am conscious now. There is no telling what will be the future of organic conscious life.  Death is probably much like the time spent before I was.  I think the competition is how to live this life.

Atheist, life after death. 

There are chemical processes in an individual's mind that create individual's emotions, feelings, memories, and thoughts. At the moment of death these processes cease to function. At that moment of death, all emotions, feelings, memories, and thoughts stop, just as the heart, lungs, brain and other organs cease to function. 

There is no such thing as a soul; upon death, all brain functions end and do not survive. There is no mystical entity that leaves the body and does not move to a different plane or dimension. 

To believe a soul survives death is wishful thinking of a child. It is an immature assessment of how the body functions. Mentally healthy, mature, adult humans grow up and throw away childish imaginations. We exist as functioning human beings here and now, making decisions in life that make sense. 

Great. If there is an afterlife I get to spend all eternity swatting mosquitos.

That brings up an important point. What would be evil for a mosquito? Do they all go to heaven? If so, can I check the other box on the admission form?

For mosquitoes, evil might be getting smacked before they've finished their drinks.


I don't believe in life after death for any species of life on earth, not just humans, but gnats and cats, and elephants, and bats...and all the rest.

Swarm of gnats

Since notions of life after death is a construct of the human mind, that mind can determine who is eligible to enter. 

It's unpredictable.

"Wonderful to discover this online community."

I guess you could refer to the happy people you met in your coma as an "offline community".


Sorry, just couldn't help myself. Welcome to A/N.

"Offline community?!"  he he he he he 

I think my after death experience will be a great deal like my before birth experience.




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