Hey all. Just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I was heavily indoctrinated into fundamentalist Christianity at a young age and it took me a while to shed that emotional baggage (I think I'm still shedding some leftover nonsensical thinking from time to time).

Though I've identified as an atheist for a few years, I just recently became more of an activist for atheism, humanism, skepticism, and the scientific method of inquiry. I'm an active redditor over at Reddit.com and also operate the blog www.theunconverted.com as well as the YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/lightninlives.

Oh, and I play the guitar, so if anyone needs backing tracks for their YouTube videos, etc. I'm your huckleberry ; )

Very happy to have found this community!

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Welcome, and hope you find more interesting and truthful answers here:)

Thanks Jonathan! I hang out over at The Thinking Atheist forums and r/atheism as well, but this looks like a fantastic community and I'm looking forward to engaging in conversations.


Welcome Lightnin'!

Thanks Tammy!

Greets and salutes, Lightnin'.  Wade on in, the water ain't deep!

Thanks Loren




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