Or will it require a HUGE database and cause way more traffic between the website and database?

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The problem is, this is really not a question for Atheist Nexus so much as it is a question for Ning. Atheist Nexus is built on a Ning platform, and they're the ones who would have to implement such a change.

Ning said that we have to do it ourselves or find someone to do the coding for us. I am a web designer and can do it myself and I would donate my time to do it, but I am only fluent in PHP and I do not know if Atheist Nexus was written in PHP. Brother Richard might be interested in doing this. How do I let him know?

Over the years it has seemed to me that this and other improvements should over time be made to this site.  If they were really committed to some steady improvement then I think the comments about NING, etc. would fade a bit to the background as excuse-making (at least in some cases) and efforts such as you suggest could be made, either by you or by someone else with other programming skills. 

This is on my mind today because after a time of not coming around (in part because basic improvements don't seem to take place), I came back for a visit and ran into the request for money.  Ok, I've paid at least once before (or tried) but for our money could we at least get them to make an increased effort at steady ongoing site improvement of the sort that you mention?




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