Wikipedia has for a long time maintained a list of prominent atheists. This has now been removed and replaced by a list of non-theist. One of the important goals for us is to make the use of the term "Atheist" accepted. I would therefore call upon all of you to do what you can to bring back this list and make the proper term "atheist" cannon, also on Wikipedia

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Not only to get the point across, but also to get atheists out of the cupboard, we have for way to long been a silent minority.
Yea I think this is more of an uprising to the uprising; I'm bitter about having to have a label, but at the same time I will label myself to believers should they feel the need to approach me about religion. I do, however, explain to them that "while you may label me an atheist, this is the default position and you were here until 'The Stupid' got you, as well"...
Hi hi I understood the base possition as that of your son.
I have never once been asked "so, you don't know there's a god?" I am only ever asked, "so you don't believe in god?" At that point, I have to answer "no, I don't hold any belief in any gods," which in turn would automatically make me atheist. Who asks about knowledge regarding gods? (Always of course with their own particular god the only one they seem to care about). The discussion often times turns into, "so how do you know there is no god?" Which I then have to further explain, I didn't say "I know," no one "knows," I can only tell you what I do or do not believe.

The word originated 5th century BCE in Greece. It's a real word with a real meaning whether there's people that want to admit it or not. I agree with you though, definitely.

* αθεοι (atheoi) meaning "without god" or "godless."

As long as people don't mistake it for a religion , (like the term "Darwin-ism" ...agguhh!), that I'm devoting my life (ie, wasting my valuable non-afterlife time) to "destroying the Christian faith",and as long as I'm free from all the warped religious right Forced-"gender role"-Handmaidens-Tale-Hell( like those creepy full quiver people *shiver*), I don't care what I'm called! But I really like the term "free thinker" ^_^ or better yet, "rationalist" I think these are umbrella terms, but I don't care. It's not because don't care if people think I believe in deities or not (I don't) it's I just don't care about theism at all, or anything to do with it except when they try to make their obsolete garbage government  mandated (u know who u are)  ....then we got a problem.

Here's another list that says, Atheist.

Personally, I don't see the problem with the change.  I'm not sure I understand what the fuss is about here.  If people who were on the list are no longer there, then I understand the problem.  Otherwise, who cares.


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