Reason Voyager and I were having a discussion about our common interests. During our conversation, this idea popped into my head. What if I started a discussion to have everybody list their loves and hates? Wouldn't that be interesting reading and wouldn't it be cool if people who don't know each other found each other just because they have common interests?

Here is Reason Voyager's response to my idea: "Yes! I think that it is a great ice breaker/get to know you style...."

So I will start out here:


Star Trek TOS, computers, Astronomy, Mysteries (including Sherlock Holmes), converting theists into atheists, the wild parts of Michigan, the Adirondack mountains, Portland Oregon, Phoenix Arizona, traveling in general, and science (among much more).


Crowds, religion (all religions), bigotry, people who pretend to know science, being unemployed, that my car will soon be repo'd, that I don't get to see my kids as often as I like, living in my mom's basement.

I hope Reason Voyager adds his list.

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Loves (these are a few of my favorite things...)

Natural Beauty, Science (Especially Anthropology), Star Trek TOS and Next Generation, History, Music (Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical to name a few), Adventures Great and Small, Hiking, Running, Swimming & Boating, Animals, Humble People, Knowledge of All Kinds


Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Controlling Personalities, The Reality of Death, Selfishness, a lack of confidence in humanities future

Loves: Cycling (road and mountain), fishing, camping, board games (Euro), science, technology, blues music, science/history shows, the sun and being in it, the feeling of cresting a climb on the bicycle and still having energy left over

Hates: traffic, religion, standing in line, shopping, people that don't use google (or other search engine) before sending stupid emails, anything woo woo, most politicians, most TV sitcoms, all reality TV, being bored

I thought this discussion was dead 'cause it drew no interest. I hope your post is a start of an avalanche. Thanks!!!

LOVES: Sunrises/sets on the beach, mountains, most types of music, riding on the back of our Harley, dogs, grandkids, camping, photography, road trips, family time, boating, Starbucks, astronomy, learning new things.

HATES: Racism, homophobia, fundies, praying, fakes, being stuck indoors, cold weather, reality tv.

This really is a nice idea.

Likes:  Sci Fi, gardening, growing fruit trees and vegetables, grapes right off my vines, plums and figs right off my trees, fresh home grown tomatoes, cooking, baking bread and pies, chocolate, garlic, specialty olive oil, Italian food, Chinese food especially dumplings, chili peppers, the smell of coffee even more that the taste of coffee, social history, human history (as opposed to political or military), science, orchids, my dog, sex (much more than like), growing orchids, talking about things that I enjoy, art and history museums, birds, feeling like I'm doing something important, critical thinking, R&B, blues, popular songs that contain the work "fuck" (as in Cee Lo Green), being able to make a good & meaningful living using my mind.  Sometimes I love being alone.

Dislikes:  Political lies, feeling manipulated, bullying at school and workplace, narcissism, that damn squirrel that keeps getting into the bird feeder, that damn squirrel that keeps eating all of my filberts, that damn squirrel that dug up my bean seeds, religious hypocrites, spin, spin, spin, newspeak, doggie flatulence, narcotics and abuse of them, racism, kneejerk responses, lack of critical thinking, noise, being out of shape, being overworked endlessly, disingenuousness.  Sometimes I hate being alone.


Arts (Fine art, Music, Theatre...), writing, living in Japan, Movies, Books, Sci-Fi (From Trek to Dr. Who to Babylon 5, Tron, Dune, SG... list goes on.), superheros, zombies, some Fantasy (LOTR, Dark Crystal), public transportation (outside the US 9.9), emotions :D, mythology (as opposed to the religions based on them), cross-culture learning, education in general, puns (My friends call me 'oyaji' or 'old man' sometimes, because in Japan, puns are old men jokes), cooking, more stuff I can't think of right now.

Hates: myopic party(ing) mentality; bigotry (this encompasses a LOT, basically the lack of human rights--religious strong-arming comes under this IMHO); working through grief of the dead (it was easier when I believed they moved on--I'm fine with my own death, saying goodbye otherwise is very difficult); the misuse of PC in place of common sense; allergies; the current US presidential election; politics in general; needing to pass gas when it's quiet and amongst other people and I can't pardon myself to the bathroom; forgetting that my laptop isn't a touch-screen; pedestrians taking up the shoulder, when it's a small road and there is car traffic next to me while I'm on a bike; ATMs in Japan aren't 24/7; grocery stores here open at 9 AM...


Making lists


Green growing things.
Eating berries & peas fresh from my garden.
Intelligent, kind, humble, and honest people.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Pat Condell.
Music (mostly the rock&roll of the 60s, folk, and A cappella).  I Also enjoy singing.

Liars, which include most advertisers, businessmen, salesmen, politicians, and religious leaders.
Religion and all Woo.

Under LOVE, I forgot one of my heroes:  My father, who was the kindest man I know.

Likes: Music from around the world, Cooking, Reading, Complimenting people, That sentimental look on people's faces when you tell them something positive that they haven't heard in a long time, college life, love, hugs, and the simple things in life. 

Hates: Bystanders who do nothing to stop injustice when they see it (not thousands of miles away but) directly in front of them, bigotry, hate, narrow closed minds, any phobias developed from ignorance, booty calls, and poking.




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