I've never understood why conservative religious people must have god permeate thier entire life. A cousin of mine just had surgury and every single person on her facebook page was spouting, god will guide you through your suffering, jesus loves you, all that kind of nonsense. I have a bit of a mean streak and in the back of my head I wanted to post something mean like, I'm glad god saw it fit to have your apendix explode in your perfect "god made" body. Rest assured I posted no such thing, she is recovering afterall.

God and jesus are at the core of these peoples lives? Will this ever stop? And I'm really not sure why this bothers me so much, is it the obvious follow the herd mentatlity of christians, the blind faith in the completly irrelivant beliefs of a people long dead? I'm not sure, I'm hoping you guys could help me solve this problem.

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I'm surprised at you, getting down on your niece like that

I like the story about your mum. Though actually my comment was just a weak pun about knees/niece, hence the sorry part.
yes, if it were me I'd remind her of the health benefits of sun and fresh air - then defriend her!
I have to go through that with my relatives as well. I made a promise to myself that I would not go into "it" with relatives, but sometimes it is very difficult. The other day one was praising god for getting a half-day off work due to no one coming to the restaurant she worked at. I'm thinking, it had more to do with people eating at home then anything her god might have done!
I'm sure the owner of the restaurant wasn't happy that God was punishing him/her.
It's extremely frustrating. We know we live in a religious society, but when something significant happens you realize it's worse than what you thought! As far as why, I don't know, but when horrible, terrifying images & threats of hell are involved, fear trumps rational thinking.
I like James Randi's (also left unspoken) response. When told by friends told him, after his life-saving surgery, that they had prayed for him, he resisted the urge to ask them: "Did you also sacrifice a goat?" I like to adapt this to my own ends. Sometimes, if people say they'll pray for me I tell them it's not enough, they should sacrifice a goat too.
That's FANTASTIC! Fortunately people don't say they'll pray for me that often, so I'll probably have forgotten by the time I get a chance to use that one, but I'll try to remember...
Tell them you worship the great god Memyselfani, an ancient god of Ur and you'd appreciate it if they would direct their prayers to this god.
My wife likes to contribute to these Facebook posts that she's sacrificed a chicken for their well being.
The religious need to know there's something, anything, looking out for them.

They, like us, see the harsh nature of reality. But, unlike us, they decide that it's best to believe there's something watching over them in an effort to comfort them. They don't want to believe their safety lies entirely in their own hands. They need that mental safety blanket. The idea that something will keep them safe from the unexpected chances of harm or fatality.

We however understand that our safety and prosperity is entirely our responsibility. And that detrimental or even fatal events may or may not occur that we did not anticipate.

It's a battle between knowing reality, and not wanting to know reality.

If it gives them comfort, so be it. But believing that they will be kept safe actually reduces their chances of survival in dire circumstances... because we know that it's in dire circumstances that the feeling of safety is simply not applicable.

We know to allow the survival instinct (fight or flight) to take hold, they seem to believe they'll be safe regardless.

Reality is a hard bitch.
I don't blame them for wanting to delude themselves into believing otherwise.
But at least we know that we're mentally tough enough to come to terms with reality and act accordingly.
I knew a young woman in college who refused to wear car seat belts because "god would save her". Not even the argument that perhaps "god" provided seat belts would convince her.

She's probably needlessly died in a relatively minor car accident by now. So much for depending on The Great Invisible Friend for looking out for her.




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