I've never understood why conservative religious people must have god permeate thier entire life. A cousin of mine just had surgury and every single person on her facebook page was spouting, god will guide you through your suffering, jesus loves you, all that kind of nonsense. I have a bit of a mean streak and in the back of my head I wanted to post something mean like, I'm glad god saw it fit to have your apendix explode in your perfect "god made" body. Rest assured I posted no such thing, she is recovering afterall.

God and jesus are at the core of these peoples lives? Will this ever stop? And I'm really not sure why this bothers me so much, is it the obvious follow the herd mentatlity of christians, the blind faith in the completly irrelivant beliefs of a people long dead? I'm not sure, I'm hoping you guys could help me solve this problem.

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I never really understood it either... my faith was destroyed within a minute from a friend when I was in 3rd grade, it really opened my eyes so wide that I couldn't shut them again, even when I tried.

If I was in your situation, personally, I would have written out a nice spiritual message...

"May Thor hurl Mjöllnir with such force that thy appendix would forever obey your body and never again commit such treason. "
wow - what did the friend say?
@post, i know how you feel mate, after the haiti earthquake, here in my country Nigeria religious people (christian and muslims) were all over the place organising prayers for the people in haiti talking about how they need god in their lives to see them through the trying period. though i am in the closet, i got pissed and asked one of the believers why the hell would he ask god for help after the earthquake when he (god) sat down and did nothing when buildings were crushing little children? he looked at me like i was a madman, i then realized i almost blew my cover and apologised for my statement!!!!
OH I KNOW! This gal on my quit smoking site just posted that her hubby's tire exploded and god guided the car to safety and she's freaking thanking god for saving his life. Why isn't she bitching at him for letting his tire blow out in the first place! I wanted so much to say that but I kept quit. Its never the time nor place for a debate, it seems. But it makes my blood boil.



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