Subject: MTV Documentary
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 13:14:52 -0800 (PST)


MTV is currently producing a documentary about young people (16-25 years old) who are clashing with their parents over their choice of religion (or lack of one). If you know anyone who fits that decription, please contact:

Jennifer Clark
MTV News & Docs

Also, if you know of any other resources or organizations that would be of help in our research, that would be great.

Thank you.

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I tried to create a group, but it wasn't approved so here is a discussion that should accomplished the same thing.

Not really a discussion....but it was the only way that I knew that would get attention since the group "Young Atheists of Religious Parents" was not approved. I must admit that being a father of two well adjusted teenagers, I felt a bit put out.

Of course, if you feel like discussing it, feel free.
I am no longer living with family but instead stay on campus at my college.

When I lived with my grandparents, my step grandmother knew that I didn't believe in any religion, though I wasn't yet an atheist. Eventually I was experiencing severe mental health problems -- delusions, hallucinations, severe depression, and mood swings, and on top of that, I'm gay.

She doesn't actually read the Bible, know much about Christianity at all, or attend a church, whereas I had lots of knowledge about Christianity and the Bible.

Basically, my mental health problems and sexuality were blamed on my disbelief in Christianity. She had no respect for my own views, told family members that I worshipped the devil (a lie), told my young sister that I was possessed by the devil, and of course condemned me to hell. She was always on my case, banned me from using the Internet, and threatened to remove the door from my room for reasons I don't completely understand. She often ranted about homosexuals, told me that my physical presence made her sick to her stomach, and that I made her feel the same way I felt as a child when my parents were wasted on alcohol, fighting, or my mom sat in the floor, drunk and crying. I was told that if I prayed, God would change my sexuality.

I was told that I had no right to speak up for myself or even write down my private thoughts about the way I was treated in my own journal. She told me that she had the right to "say and do anything I want to you!"

Basically, it sucked.
Grandparents can be the two extremes: loving and nasty. James, from my experience, you're not going to win your grandmother over. Just accept her, and don't invest in her. Move on. I didn't get along with my grandfather at all. He was an ass who favored my brother and ignored me. He didn't think boys should have pony tails or have a cat as pet, and he kicked my cat one day. I was too little to really do anything, and was confused, because he was my mother's dad. I know grandparents can be a wonderful thing, but i really don't miss mine. I feel a tad bit guilty when saying it, but if i just look at their actions, it makes sense to me.
Wow, that sucks man! Yeah, man, damian has it right. I know she's family but there are some parts of your family that you have to keep out of your life...they'll just tear you down. You know that you're a beautiful person and don't deserve that kind of treatment. Stay connected to the real world and let her live in her own personal hell of being surrounded by sinners and blasphemers.
I would be really interested in such a documentry. I'm 22 and married and am currently clashing with my parents and inlaws over the idea than were not going to baptize out 2 month old son.

Just called her and she seemed truly interested in my story!

Thanks for the contact.
I emailed them my story. Seeing as how at 25 still living with my dad.
i thought it was about teens.
Well, now I know why this topic wasn't allowed as a group heading. I still don't understand why I was ignored, though. Anyway, Richard has this on the front page of A/N. I recommend that if you are interested in this endeavor, you go to the front page, read it, and go from there.




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