I have been an Atheist for year... as you probably would've guessed that the rest of my family are Christians (Ministers, Reverends, ect.) What I find really frustrating is the fact that when religious conversation strikes up and I hear the mose appalling and outrageous statements and claims that could easily be combated with reason and knowledge. However, I am unable to do that without my mother trying to silence me and label me as being "disrespectful". On the other hand she and her christian comrades can comment on any other culture or religion and call it EVIL and DEMONIC, yet have the audacity to feel threatened by my comments.


 I have told my mother that I am an Atheist, but regaredless she makes attempts of trying to get me back on her side, to "Give God a Chance". When I want absolutely nothing to do with and deities at all. She also labeled me as being a rebel and always having to "go against the grain"; But is that not how progression is? To leave what is considered to be the norm and set off for better things? 


Eleanor Roosevelt said, " Do something everyday that scares you." (if memory serves me correctly.) 
Last night I took one of my plain black shirts and ironed on the word "ATHEIST" in bold white letters, and walked out in public... If I couldn't say what i wanted, then damn if I will show some kind of outward expression. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. 


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Good for you Avanti. I admire your courage. I know it is difficult dealing with family members who are still trapped in the delusions of god. Stay strong my fellow heathen!
I do have a channel... OnyxAgainstTheWorld. Maybe you saw me there.
Avanti you are an inspiration!  Your generation is having a great impact because of people like you.
I wanted to do same with a shirt,but here in Brazil the other people at the street would probably kill me or something like it...  The very same is happening to me, so I can't help,but you can chat with me about it if you want ._.
I think the T-shirt expression is a great idea. Although you could wind up in debate everywhere you wear it :). It's too bad your mother can't respect your decision to not believe in religious dogma. We are proud of you for standing up for yourself and thinking past their nonsense it is a courageous thing to do in the bible belt.




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