The idea behind this discussion is to talk about and list all the logical fallacies people commit.
I've never been a big believer in "Atheists = Logical". Even less so now that I've seen some people arguing on here.

I'm also guessing a lot of people never actually took or studied debate, since I've seen so many cases of "You used an ad hominem! I win the thread!" on here.
Especially since, upon looking at the abuse of the "ad hominem" claim, it usually was an insult born of frustration with someone that wasn't addressing the arguments of their opponents.
Ad hominem, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is attacking the person instead of attacking their argument. If they address your argument, the claim of ad hominem isn't enough to dismiss the rest of their rebuttal.
In other words "Bob used an ad hominem in his arguments. Therefore Bob is wrong." is fallacious.

So what are some of your favorite used, misused, and flat out abused logical fallacies?

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Well, it's probably more that a majority of people have not studied debate techniques, how to build an ethos/pathos/whatever and good argumentations. Also, someone is not naturally wrong by using logical fallacies, failing to refute a point is not equal to being wrong, but it may be equal to that your stance is not a very good one to take due to being improbable, etc.
I once used cited Nazi Germany as an example of fascism, and someone cried out that Godwin's Law had prevailed in the forum thread.

LeaT made a good point below.

Lately, I've just stopped caring when a forum thread goes south and a hive of liked-minded people empties into the thread to echo the first mistake. Some days, I'll do my duty by pointing out why someone is wrong, other days I'm like, sigh, let me look at some porn till these idiots lose interest in the subject.




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