Hi guys, 

Alex here, I was raised catholic but ever since I can remember I always question everything that I was told.  As I grew up and learn more about math, science, reason, logic and philosophy I just couldn't keep up with the farce of believe in any sort of deity.   I don't hide my Atheism, but I am careful when dealing with my parents, sometimes it's wiser to know when to pick your battles.  

I try to respect people who seem to have true faith, even though I don't agree with what they believe, I won't attack their world view unless they insist on trying to change mine.  On the other hand, I can't stand the phony believers, the people who use their "faith" to go around judging others, and who constantly make every single conversation about their faith.  

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Welcome to the pack Alex. Like you, I don't knock believers for their beliefs unless they try to force those beliefs on me, or try to influence government policy with their religion virus, or are dangerous to others in some other fashion. Then I have to speak up. The problem is that you don't find many believers who are not dangerous to others in some way. For example, thousands of schools across the US are now using tax payer money to teach creationism in science classes. The potential result of this could be that those children, possibly numbering in the millions, could grow up to be brainwashed zombie Christian jihadists. The thought is kind of scary, but I may be dead and gone by then since I'm already 51. Then again, the far religious right, though relatively few in number in Washington DC, have big money and big influence, and it is known by most people that if they got their way we in the US would be living under an American theocracy like Iran now is, only the US theocracy would be Christian instead of Islamic.

But anyway, Welcome man. Glad to have you join us.

Thanks man. I do agree that teaching creationism is dangerous and a disservice to the kids education.
Thanks. I will be checking out the groups in the near future. I work weekends so won't probably get to explore the site more in depth until Monday or so. Any group in particular that you like?

Welcome Alex you are no longer a lone wolf.

Thank you
Alex welcome to Nexus.
you are right about choosing battles. Also good to find fellow thinkers, cool your heels, and know you are not alone.

Hey Alex.  Glad you are here.  I agree with everything you said, and like you, I take people seriously enough to let people have their freedom, the same way that I want to have mine.  It's tough, being in such a minority, like we are, but the stereotypes about atheists aren't true.  We aren't angry, or spiteful, or close-minded and arrogant.  We take things seriously.  That's probably why we became atheists.

Welcome Alex. I'll second and add to what roland said. I can neither muster the hatred, or immorality, to be christian - or for that matter, any other cult member.

Greets and salutes, Alex.  Glad you found us!

Welcome Alex! I was always a bit of a skeptic, but gradually let go of the whole thing in my 20s. Took a while, but I learned to see it as a superstition and to not be afraid.

Now that I'm married to an atheist from a Born Again family, I've been delving into atheist books, lectures, and now, websites! Funny how the fundamentalists don't realize how they push people toward nonbelief!

Like you, I can understand why some people find peace and strength with their beliefs, and respect that, but no longer hide my feelings if asked or confronted.

thanks, I love learning, so I am always up anything that will teach me something new, or expose me to new ideas. I need to find an atheist group in my area

Welcome! I think you'll find this a friendly, nonjudgmental type of place!




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