I've hesitated adding this discussion because of the tragedy that happened beforehand, but here goes:

We live near Joplin.  My husband went to help a friend whose home was destroyed by the tornado.  While helping clean up, he talked with his friend's daughter.  She told him a story: While cleaning debris, she found a small sculpture of baby Jesus in his manger.  She picked it up, cleaned it and put it on top of a board that had lodged itself in their yard.  The next day, a church group came by, saw the baby Jesus in his manger lying atop the board and 'all hell broke loose'.  They were crying and singing about how the lord had placed the baby Jesus atop this board and 'wasn't this a sign', etc.  Taking pictures, alerting other church groups.  She didn't have the heart to tell them that she had cleaned it and placed it there.  My husband looked at me and said, "So, he saved this statue, but what about all those who died?"  I just don't understand this logic.  I know I believe as I do, but I don't understand the logic, I just don't.

Another topic, but a friend told me the other day that she was watching the radar and saw storms headed for her area. She said she prayed to god and, lo and behold, the storm died down before it got to her.  Um, so god decided to kill all these people in Joplin/Alabama/Etc., but then decided since you didn't like thunderstorms to stop them before they got to you?  WTH?  I know I shouldn't let it, but it drives me crazy! 

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hi marie,    jeez - that always drove me crazy that those people care more about stuff like that than other people or just plain reason. . .  like they care terribly about 'unborn' babies, but don't give a darn what happens to them once they're born - argh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  anyway, good post - and now for something completely different - it's making me laugh :]  a little plastic baby is a miracle - LOL

how come they don't make something of the tree that goes through a car as if it were water during one of those storms ? did god do that too as a sign?  - alexa

absolutely Love It !!!!!
Joining this site has been a "godsend" (snicker); at least we have a place to vent.  I get irritated on a daily basis by those types of statements.  How can intelligent people have such blind belief and dismiss logic so easily?  I'm irritated by the money angels and jesus chain emails.  One lady even includes me in the office scripture chain that goes around.  She's black and all the recipients are black so maybe she automatically thinks all blacks are Christians.  I'm on the verge of politely asking her to remove me from the chain.  My baymate said that she doesn't worry about losing her job in this economy because she knows God will provide for her an equal or better job.  I wonder why he'll do that for her, but not for the many people who are out of work now and losing their homes (including Christians).  Makes me sick! 


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