Was just wanting to know if any of you had any recommendations. I've always been a huge fan of Tesla and would like to learn more , but can't find any good infromation on a de facto guide. There are HUNDREDS of books on him, but from what I can find, none that really set themselves apart.

Thanks in advance.

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Nikola who? Never existed... didn't you know God made all the technology we have?

Yeah, he certainly was a genius. We owe him the majority of the electronic industrial age.
Unlike Edison, Tesla actually did his own work... rather than hiring engineers to invent things in his name.

I haven't seen any really well compiled books either. There have been a couple of good documentaries I've seen, but the books either focus on his personal life, or strictly on his financial demise with the wardencliffe tower.

Interesting tidbit, Tesla was very much opposed to stimulants. No coffee or anything else to perk nor relax the mind. Not my cup of tea, but interesting.

And he remained confident until he died that wireless power transfer can be achieved over long distances with little to no loss of power due to distance.
I doubt it, but then again, the man achieved far more than I could ever hope to.

The schematic in my avatar is actually a design of Tesla's.
The full wave bridge rectifier. Converts AC electricity to DC (well, it's the main part, the rest is capacitors to smooth out the waveform).
I have a book at home that good, I think it was just called Tesla, I will look it up when I get home. Its not very long but it starts with his childhood which I had never read much about.
Its called Tesla-Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney
Thanks I'll look into it.
To some extent Tesla is alive and well in plasma physics and the IEEE, though I don't know how much he is mentioned by name. At least, that's where to find information on the idea that everything is electrical in character - contrary to the gravity-mass model that most of us used to. The closest thing to a guide is probably textbooks on plasma physics and electrical engineering.
QUOTE: - contrary to the gravity-mass model that most of us used to. The closest thing to a guide is probably textbooks on plasma physics and electrical engineering.-David S.

correction: that most of us is used to.
Somewhere, I think at my dad's place, I have a book called "The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla" or something similar. It's a collection of patents filed and generally awesome. There's enough information to rebuild a lot of his devices using the original concepts.

On the other hand, it's not about him, just a list of his stuff. On the other other hand, his stuff is him to some extent.
I know of none... It's sad because from what I understand, he was brilliant and should be as famous as just about any other inventor. Yet most people haven't heard of him. My brother watches a lot of documentaries on TV, he seems to enjoy those.




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