I live in the MD/DC Area. For months now, I have been trying desperately to find African-American atheists/agnostics/freethinkers etc. in my area. I am the ONLY active young, black, atheist in my college group.

I am starting to believe Black atheists are afraid to come out, except for blogs and the internet. I KNOW I am not alone.

Blacks in the media, because of the same sex marriage debate, are being portrayed as bigoted as some Whites were during Civil Rights. If we are to really change the way our government, media, and religious portray us, we have to show our support.

I spent 24 years of my life, afraid to question religion and God. I have lost friends and family for just questioning my beliefs and standing up. I know is isn't easy, but if you believe like I believe, that we only have this life to live, then DO SOMETHING.

My email is gabriel8@umbc.edu
Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=92973687272

Please, stop hiding behind the computer.

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My web guide has links both to DC organizations and black atheists on the web:

Atheism / Freethought / Humanism / Ethical Culture / Rationalism / Agnosticism / Skepticism / Unbelief / Secularism / Church-State Separation Web Links
It sure takes crazy to survive in the bullshit for so long. Me I never get into a spit fight with a snake, especially any talking snakes. Now that is from my native american heritage. It was hard to understand them because I don't speak reptilian, get my drift?

Welcome to the Nexus nonya, hope you enjoy your stay.
It is a common misconception that all Black people in the community are religious. Although many converted or faked conversion for survival, a significant number of slaves chose to fight and die, rather than convert. Also, let me point out that many prominent African Americans were secular.

Frederick Douglass, a former slave turned abolitionist, was a humanist and an atheist. In fact, Douglass wrote about slavery and its effect on his beliefs. From W.E.B Dubois, to Langston Hughes, to A. Philip Randolph were ALL avowed atheists!

I want to get the word out that we (atheists) have been involved in every social change in America from slavery to Civil Rights. Not just White atheists, but Black Atheists. We don’t need to “brainwash”, nor do we need to blame “whitey” or anyone else for our education, or lack thereof. We have always been fully capable of reason and logic, we do not need outside help from “whitey” or “Jesus”.
I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs
~Frederick Douglass
I see your point. I think we can agree that in order to reverse the negative effect religion has on the Black community, extensive re-education ust be done. I don't like the term 'manipulation' because it sounds like deception; I would rather say 'education' because that is what is needed. D.L Hugley said jokingly that he never heard of a "Black Atheist", which to me, shows the ignorance and arrogance of some African Americans.

First step in educating the masses is to make ourselves visible to the public. We need to make it known we don't believe in this nonsense. Secondly, we need to become active in our community, developing a constituency. Third, lobby our government and invoke change. American atheists and other groups are making headway, but we need local support and a figurehead that depends on our vote to get elected.
"the educator must himself become educated." -- Karl Marx
"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."
-- Socrates
Douglass' extramarital squeeze Ottilia Assing wrote to Feuerbach claiming that he was an atheist, but I don't think this allegation has been confirmed. See my web page:

Letter to Ludwig Feuerbach from Ottilie Assing about Frederick Douglass
I based my assessment of Douglass' beliefs on quotes from his autobiography, as well as the letter from Ottilia. Although he never explicitly said he was atheist, the fact is was vocal about his disdain for religion, combined with belief in self-sufficiency, suggest he was at least humanist.
This is extraordinarily silly. I suggest first of all that you don't try to enact what you suggested. As for the conversion of slaves, I can only guess that there were a variety of reactions to Christianity, but conversion could not have been entirely forced, and then slaves had their own version of Christianity, not always a passive one. There are several books on slave religion, in case you are interested in a more sophisticated historical understanding.
To clarify my position, I am not seeking (yet) to educate the masses. This is a call to all Black Atheists/nonbelievers to stand up and be active in the secular community. It is far too easy to hide behind a computer and type your frustrations away. We laugh at creationists, shake our heads at religious violence, and allow rights and science to be halted by religious dogma. We claim to be ‘too busy’ to invoke change, yet we can go online and vent. I want to know, ARE WE INTERESTED IN CHANGE? Are we just a community of complainers? Or, are we ready to stop being hypocrites and start taking the fight out of the chat room? The religious of this world are doing it. They tell you who to marry, what to study, what to eat, what to wear, what to research, and how to worship. Black Atheists WE ARE SLAVES! Mental slaves! If you want to know how to get started, then email me (gabriel8@umbc.edu). If you are in Baltimore/DC area, check out our website (http://www.baltimorecor.org). I’m not all talk; I am very much involved in the movement. I hope to hear from you. At the very least, hit me up on here.
We are all brothers (and sisters) Larry. I appreciate help from wherever it comes! I am just starting out with the community I know, then branching out.




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