Loony Tunes Dr. Ben Carson Says God May Tell Him to Run for President: Welcome to God's Own Party

The last guy who made a big thing out of talking to God was the guy who gave us eight years of mishandled natural disasters, unnecessary wars in the Mideast (do you know what the new embassy in Baghdad cost the taxpayers?), tax breaks for the super rich, insider trading with select corporations that did not have to bid contracts, well golly gosh Jesus I just can't go on and on about that Turd, George W. Bush. He only called his brain "Turd Blossom" because both Cheney and Rove privately referred to the chief executive as "Turd." God got George off drinking, and George never forgave himself. He hadn't the brains to be president, which is why the Cheney ran pretty much the whole show; Cheney, whose bonuses and CEO millions from Halliburton got put in a trust (we're told), yet who should get a lion's share of the privitization contracts to work in both Iraq and Afghanistan? Note, too, the lack of church-state separation in giving one of the contracts, for security, to an evangelical "Christian" that employed mercenaries and wound up killing innocent civilians because, you know, to quote Stubb from "Moby Dick," when the blood starts flowing, we can't stop." Leading to major suicide of American G.I.'s coming home, wondering, no doubt, what did the Wars accomplish other than more debt to China. This potential candidate proves that Rove cannot now stop the rising tide of turds that is the cesspool of anti-Democracy know as the God's Own Party.

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My favorite comment was from Barbara Bush who was reported to have said when hearing George W was running for president, "Oh my God!"

Barbara has now said she does not want her son Jeb Bush to run for president.  "There have been enough Bushes,"  she said.  I agree with her 100%.

I learned a while back that she and I are related.  Prior to marrying G. H. W. Bush, Barbara was a Pierce.  My mother's maiden name was Fincher, but her mother was a Pierce.  I only figured Barbara and I are distantly related via the U. S. president Franklin Pierce.

Barbara is one of the few Republicans I can stomach (If she really is a Republican.)  She is in favor of pro choice and said so when everyone around her was anti.

he'll join some good company in Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, and Ricks Santorum and Perry from last time. God has a bad track record, at least recently.  

If there was a god, he/she/it would not support any of these turkeys.

Not Bachmann - She's RETIRING!!!  YAY!!!

Yes, this was great news, BUT, she probably will make more trouble than ever outside Congress.  None of her legislation could pass, or get put on the agenda in the Senate.  She was a total wipeout as a rep.  Go figure. 

Welcome to FAUX news Ms. Bachman!

Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist who does not believe in evolution—and apparently does not even understand it from his remarks in a debate with Dawkins, Dennett, and Collins. His solution to the problems of our healthcare system is healthcare savings accounts. Under that system people would pay for their health care from untaxed savings accounts they have accumulated over the years. In view of the difficulties people now have with retirement savings in the wake of the recession, it is not likely this would work well. 

Carson has no political experience, but is a renowned surgeon and has captured the fancy of conservatives looking for someone to save the movement.

i think it's hilarious.  these conservatives hate Obama so much that the mere act of disrespect while being a mere few feet from the President is grounds for a presidential run. 

The entire discontent of the conservative movement has been focused on hating Obama. It is the one idea that unites them, but it makes the politics of compromise exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, and that is bad for the country. Carson's speech was an in your face tactic that conservatives love, but it hardly qualifies him for the Presidency. However, at this point conservative standards have fallen low and it may be enough to make him their candidate.




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