Loony Tunes Dr. Ben Carson Says God May Tell Him to Run for President: Welcome to God's Own Party

The last guy who made a big thing out of talking to God was the guy who gave us eight years of mishandled natural disasters, unnecessary wars in the Mideast (do you know what the new embassy in Baghdad cost the taxpayers?), tax breaks for the super rich, insider trading with select corporations that did not have to bid contracts, well golly gosh Jesus I just can't go on and on about that Turd, George W. Bush. He only called his brain "Turd Blossom" because both Cheney and Rove privately referred to the chief executive as "Turd." God got George off drinking, and George never forgave himself. He hadn't the brains to be president, which is why the Cheney ran pretty much the whole show; Cheney, whose bonuses and CEO millions from Halliburton got put in a trust (we're told), yet who should get a lion's share of the privitization contracts to work in both Iraq and Afghanistan? Note, too, the lack of church-state separation in giving one of the contracts, for security, to an evangelical "Christian" that employed mercenaries and wound up killing innocent civilians because, you know, to quote Stubb from "Moby Dick," when the blood starts flowing, we can't stop." Leading to major suicide of American G.I.'s coming home, wondering, no doubt, what did the Wars accomplish other than more debt to China. This potential candidate proves that Rove cannot now stop the rising tide of turds that is the cesspool of anti-Democracy know as the God's Own Party.

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The media love controversy as it sells soap and newspapers and magazines. 

Dr. Ben Carson may be the greatest neurosurgeon in the world, but that does not make him a good candidate for President. Just having strong viewpoints is not enough, you need political experience. Learning how to be effective in political positions is not an easy task—there are pitfalls everywhere. Look at all the GOP candidates running for President in the last election who flopped miserably in the primary season—Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann. It only takes one misstep and you're out. The other requirement besides political experience is the ability to raise tons of money, hundreds of millions of dollars. And that comes with time spent in politics, years of cultivating rich donors.

Republicans would vote for the dog catcher if he was running against a Democrat.


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