Lord May, the president of the British Science Association_"religion used to help, but..."

... but the fundamental(isms) have 86'd that notion.

Check these headlines out, totally different headlines.
And one article mentions 'atheist' more than the other:



"In such systems, there is unquestioning respect for authority. Faith trumps evidence. But if indeed this is broadly the explanation for how co-operative behaviour has evolved and been maintained in human societies, it could be very bad news. Because although such authoritarian systems seem to be good at preserving social coherence and an orderly society, they are, by the same token, not good at adapting to change."

The rise of fundamentalism, not just in the Muslim world but in the United States, and within the Catholic church, could actually make global co-operation more difficult at a time when an unprecedented level of teamwork was needed, Lord May said. "If you take the view that in times of stress, authoritarian hierarchies tend to resist change, what the history of religion has been has been towards a softening, less dogmatic values, but under stress you simplify complex problems to simple mantras," he said.

* bingo

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And so it begins yet again... and again by fellow Atheists.

I'm convinced we started religion to keep the masses under control, and, in this atheists opinion, we need to do it again to keep them green.

Religion, thanks to the previous atheists, was created to be bent to say whatever we want it to say... and they will do whatever we say. But this ability should not be squandered, otherwise the masses become confused as to who to obey.
... and writing articles that blatantly point at us behind the curtain most CERTAINLY WONT DO!
Last thing we need is the religious getting freaking paranoid over who's updating their faith.

Is global warming the next issue to force us to pull out the manipulation card?
And why not call it for what it is then. Un-American when perverted to fundamentalist violent behaviors and egotism. Not to mention waste fraud and abuse of our tax system, as citizens.

I'm of the mindset that I'm American first, any other label second.
Worldly American. Like our current POUTS. There are new influences that which have no care of belief or ways of life. Machines of men that can launder faster that you can drive on a good day.
The distractions and decoys are plentiful and fascistic indeed. Channels and flavors galore.

Direct connection is what the world and it's inhabitants seek.
To do different would be a negative.

You speak PERL?
Man, atheists are just furious people; and like the recent youtube I saw from a British/exevageli said:
Everyone is Born Atheist (but not everyone is born into government systems overrun and malfunctioning due to emotional exploitation through mind control; drugs or religion)

so, get to jesus quicker, run cocaine, hide behind the cross and then regurgitate more hand-me-down old texts with no worth whatsoever in the modern world of math and databases (healthcare 101; access database from EVERY STATE; infrastructure; money, money, proprietary; sue corporations and owner assets; due the math yourselves and tell me who's machine you fell for; pull the plug to the propaganda and reconstitute harmony with sanity.

the theocratic frauds already run a place called C street

what's up with the use of holy symbols; control
what's up with an atheist getting yelled at and then holding up a cross; fear
fear that the atheist will talk down the 'power' of the cross when exposed for what it really is; crutch; guise; scape'goat.
who are the mormons to say but the catholic finances they control now
do the hindu/christian/islam followers in India land run the finances through cheap labor of supposedly US corporations?
have you seen charlie wilson's war? Tom Hanks, good role
I'm as random as a bible
except I'm just blurting facts of business as apposed to star-dust stories for the opium camp outs

opium, as in the pill form people die from here and the real form the stone-agers like taliblah in afganistah

so many atheists; flavors and sub issues
issues wrought by the 4th branch (aka the media -handful of families own)
shame the branch pumped the youth with american idol
the may have been able to stage a singing revolution
instead they have insane high unemployment

beware pnac propaganda through hate in make-up n' drag




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