Hello all,

I'm a new member, I live in Los Angeles County, USA.
I've been an atheist over 45 years but my philosophical identity is Humanist, and politically left of center.
My profile is here: (you have to scrool down a ways to see the actual profile)
I use the name Geraldo Cienmarcos and Gary the Grouch on the internet.

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An atheist for 45 yrs! Man, what was that like back then? I've been an atheist since the mid 90's living in a smalish southern town my whole life and I thought I had it bad. Bad as in lonely
Dear Jack,

I've had an active life, but slowed down the last 10 years in terms of being engaged in the effort to change society. Atheism was never an issue. I never joined an atheist organization per se. I find the commitment or NON-commitment to social change to varied and the political philosophy of the atheist organizations by name have a political spectrum of people from right wing followers of Ayn Rand, political Zionists (who think Israel can do no wrong), and some further to the left (like me). I've talked to people here from small towns of the mid west or the south. Uniformally they say it was a sniffling mono culture and they fled! and not just to find work. But I'm from this area. Trust me, diversity also has it's discontents. Finding one's way and community can be difficult in this huge cosmopolitan mix.

Good luck in your quest for truth and a richer life. When you find committed people to be with, whether environmental issues, sexual and gender liberation, economic change, opposing war and militarism, or whatever, atheist is not an issue. In fact, in Los Angeles, I would say, being an atheist is almost only an issue for atheists. I'm a humanist. I'm for improving the human condition. So I stay focused on that.


thanks for contacting me.

Gary the Grouch
Hi Patricia,

These social networking web sites are akward and it's hard to keep up. But I like atheistnexus.org better than Facebook, which is a disorganized intrusive mess!!

You need not to refer to yourself as uneducated. You are self educated. Serious readers are relative rare in American Society, Canada, I haven't a clue. So congratulate yourself for being aware and educated.

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