now if you have read my othert discussions you'll understand my "pain" as "I" say. now im 20 no experience with girls in every category, im horny , i cant find a job, afford college, and have no car:(. see i m white and like other forms of music other than rap, but live in  "urnan"/ "american ghetto " neighborhood. i've never been laid, made out once, and have never try humped or had or gavwe oral sex :(. see girls my age expect a guy wwith experience and a little money, sadly i have neither. now i need advice, should i pay for a prostitute or escort, with a little saved cash i saved. any sugeestions?

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In Utah, you would not be uncommon. You know those annoying missionaries that come bash down your door? They're supposed to be virgins. There's a club at my school for students who have never kissed. I could be in that club if I wanted, and I'm 18. I don't feel ashamed of that at all.

Still, that's not the point. The point is that it's painful to you not to be having sex. If the object is sex, it's uncomfortable to me that you would be pursuing a relationship. It seems easy to string a girl along accidentally, and to me at least that would be painful. But living in an urban area, you can find women who are looking for sex. Clubbing wouldn't be a bad idea, a lot of girls go there for fun. You might try it out and see how it goes. Escorts could be a good no-fail idea, but also pricey and you'd have to do your homework on that so you get clean, non-male ladies (just kidding... maybe. ;P). If you know a good service, you might want to go ahead.
Dude, my best friend was a virgin until he was twenty-one. I was eighteen, I believe. Don't worry.
I didn't have sex until I was 19. I had not interest in being penetrated until then. But sometimes I find that males who want to have sexual relationships and can't have social issues that prevent them from having any sort of relationships. Seeing how half of the women I know have had kids with men that have even less than you, I doubt that lack of experience or money is the true issue at hand.
I just turned 18 when I lost mine... I remember the words a girl I had a crush on told me... Always keep your chin up and keep wearing those khakis... Perhaps she was wrong about the khakis, but keep the chin up. Don't act desperate. Desperation is a stinky cologne. Past that, be yourself.

Not that I loved the girl who was my first, but I am very glad I knew her. I look back on that whole night very fondly.
You should be grateful you're not a bonehead.
Tony Montana said it best.



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