Went to my friend's church tonight and they discussed the parables about how one sheep out of one-hundred is lost, and even though there are still 99 sheep in the fold, it is still within your best interest to get the lost sheep. Same story with the woman who loses a coin. It may not seem like a big loss, but in their view, over time all sheep and coins will be lost. 

There were also some examples of unsaved people going to hell because Christians didn't reach out to them in time. Naturally, I found this to be very disheartening. What was it about those people's lives that made them 'hell-bound'? I know that Christians love these types of stories about the non-believer who turns to God and what-not, but it begs the question...are we really lost?

My answer is no. I'd never admit that with out a doubt God doesn't exist, but there's no reason for me to think that he/she/it does exist. Furthermore, the claim about being sinners and them having the truth is, as always, claiming more than you know. It's somewhat insulting to be told that we're lost, but it's less of an insult than being among sheep.

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I agree.  They teach that sheep story too much...




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