Regardless of the political leanings of Loughner, who is probably psychotic, virtually all of the commentators that incited him were of the right wing - the Palins, Paladinos, Cantors, Mitchells, Limbaughs,O'Reilly's, Bachmanns, Becks, Robertsons, Grahams etc etc.  It goes on and on and on. There is nothing comparable to this amount of irresponsible, lockstep and reckless inciting of violence on the left.

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I would not be at all surprised if many of these incidents from these fringe groups were in response to the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric of the far right.  Didn't Ronald Reagan openly hate liberals and at every opportunity blame them for all the country's problems?  This was coming from the President himself. Can't get any higher than that. It just further confirms my view that inflammatory rhetoric from political leaders has violent repercussions.

Eric, you are no better than the people you vilify. You are blaming a tragic act caused by a mentally deranged individual and placing blame on those you disagree with politically. Reasonable and fair minded people see this insane act for what it is. An insane act.

So, I take it you see nothing wrong with violent rhetoric?
and what is "violent rhetoric" and who gets to decide what is and what isn't "violent"?
This isn't obscenity we are talking about.  I am sorry if you do not know what violent rhetoric is.  Examples have been given.

so then Obama is guilty too (see earlier Obama comment)?  What exactly are you proposing? 


I never said that he wasn't.  Why are people assuming that we are not aware that both sides do this?  All I can say is that someone who listens to left wing rhetoric has so far not shot anyone.  Doesn't make the rhetoric any better.  You and Binker are like Tim Pawlenty instead of acknowledging there is a problem you use the " the other side does it too" defense.
At least you now admit the left does it too. That's progress.
I still see a false dichotomy here. The left in the US is far to the right of most other secular Western countries. The right is now thriving on the issues of guns, Jesus and evil government (military excepted). Ask yourselves why most Democrats in the US are Democrats. Is their anger driven by bigotry, anti-intellectualism and blind faith with an emphasis on violence?
When have I ever denied it?

Know one on the right has shot anyone either. Show me proof this nut job did this because of what he heard from a conservative commentator. You are the one suggesting this was a political hit job. Proof please. Not conjecture and supposition.

What about the killer of George Tiller?




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