Regardless of the political leanings of Loughner, who is probably psychotic, virtually all of the commentators that incited him were of the right wing - the Palins, Paladinos, Cantors, Mitchells, Limbaughs,O'Reilly's, Bachmanns, Becks, Robertsons, Grahams etc etc.  It goes on and on and on. There is nothing comparable to this amount of irresponsible, lockstep and reckless inciting of violence on the left.

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What would you do, abolish the first amendment?  While I don't agree with what the right says, unless they directly tell someone to kill someone, we should not be censoring them.  The ends do not justify the means.  It doesn't matter what background you come from, you are guaranteed the right to free speech.

I'm not in favoring of any censoring but I want the right to comment about what they are saying and what I think it leads to.

as much as I condemn the spiteful rhetoric of the right, I'm not sure I can pin this specific incident on Palin or right wing media. 


This video interview of a High school friends paints him as a loner, and one that did not watch TV or listen to the radio.


why he chose Gifford remains a question - however, he did have previous correspondence with her that could point to a cause.



I'm sure that you do condemn the right wing for its irresponsible rhetoric, but can I ask you if you ever protested that rhetoric publicly until now, and, if not, why are you willing to only now?

yes, in fact, I have.  That is, if you consider facebook to be "public".  I've been battling right wingers since the health care debates last summer - and calling them out for the deceiptful and reprehensible imagery of their language. 


The quality of their discourse is wrong, very wrong, but I still don't know if this specific incident can be tied to that discourse no matter how wrong it is.

I applaud your battling against them.  All the evidence in this case is indirect yet I judge it to be highly probable given the way violent rhetoric led to violence of the worst sort in the past throughout history and it justifiies focusing on that connection.

just because violent rhetoric led to actual violence in the past, it still doesn't mean we can pin this specific incident to that rhetoric.   I'd advocate for finding the truth about the motives, without ANY type of specific focus.  Focusing too narrowly might suggest that our minds were made up before the evidence came in.


On another note, I did see evidence that he is a registered republican.  This might lend some credibility that he was influenced by some type of right wing media - maybe.

I disagree.  I think that the fact that he chose a democratic congresswoman who had been targeted and a political party that had been threatened with eliminationalist rhetoric makes it highly likely that he was incited by far right violence-laced rhetoric.  I think we would be more remiss if we didn't point out this connection than if we did and incorrectly caused some politician to lose a few points in the polls.

"There is nothing comparable to this amount of irresponsible, lockstep and reckless inciting of violence on the left."


Because freethinkers have defense like this:


btw, word was, is, that he called a woman that made a poem about abortion a terrorist and baby killer of babies? url at the man-child-was fixated on 'gold standard' money etc.. so I heard too.

~ all the time you feed negativity, violence to a mind and thus...

>: (

that little girl should have a memorial in front of the capitol, if not w/the rest of the victims...

what were the chances of her being born on 911o1, being interested in government and getting killed by a political junkie like that? I'm stumped on the irony but not so shocked due to the histories of all that is the United (yet it's citizens cheated too many times and going through mega-corporate-faith-growing-pains? dare I mention the lying myth-based liars w/their tax free havens) States of America. Another tidbit in my mind, were there children killed at the WTC on 91101? Curious. As if it was yesterday.


take care folks, maybe that's just what that young-adult needed to hear more of...

take care, love you man, you're not stuck in the ghetto man, volunteer at the homeless shelter man...

paper is history man... damn shame.


take keen care.


What's the similarity between believing in God and making a connection between Loughner's act and conservative media? A huge leap of faith and - I repeat - wishful thinking.

I'm afraid you might be right Etres.   I think some may have jumped to a conclusion on this one - including me (at first anyways).  I've pulled back and remain in a neutral position - until we have more evidence to consider. 


I think we do harm to our cause, which is critical thinking and skepticism - IMO, when we fall prey to the same type of wishful thinking as those that we are trying to reach. 

I think that's an incorrect and very provocative analogy.  I've already presented the evidence for the connection in my previous posts.




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