Louisiana Republican: When I Voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, I Didn’t Mean Muslim Ones

Rep. Hodges made the mistake of saying out loud what most conservative Christians only say to themselves to private: When they say they want “religious freedom,” they’re only referring to their own faith. Everyone else can fend for themselves.

Message to Rep. Hodges: Your Christian privilege is showing.

In Louisiana, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal pushed for a voucher...

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Oh, but the US is a christian nation!  So giving to christian schools is okay ... right?

What a jackass....

Yes, they should have made a list of schools that will benefit from funding so that they could pick and choose which ones are worthy, because as you know, some religions aren't real.

If they're not ignorant, they are INDIFFERENT ... which is probably as bad if not worse.

yeah, but Muslims are craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!  the things they believe in...oh my!  now, where is my rosary, i want to pray to the Virgin Mary that my kids get into college. 

@ matthew



Ugh! Thanks for posting. I shared on Facebook

@ Sandi


Oh, yes. And it's not at all unusual for "conservative Christians" to claim their faith is not religion. With the further claim that it's not (a religion) because it's the truth/Truth. Ergo, religions are not true; therefore, when one is true, it cannot be a religion.


I do wish that at least one of them would look up the definition of religion in Webster's, which of course would put the lie to the claim(s) re when religion is not ... a religion. Tho I'm sure self-delusion in that case would trump Webster's hands down anyway.

I think that understanding the differences between different gods and different beliefs and religions, for me, is the one thing that will never happen.

Just the whole scenario of so many people believing in such a vast variety of teachings and practices, which at the end of it all points to one 'being' and yet each and every person adamantly believes that theirs is the right one seems so contradictory and ridiculous on such a freaking grand scale it is beyond anyone's comprehension.

This is a situation of 'what's good for the goose' or 'can't have your cake' and is so blatantly ignorant. Similar situations have arisen of late because the conservatives want to push through their agenda without actually understanding the entire concept of their actions. And yes, how do these people get voted into office? There are so many of them. It seems you definitely don't need to pass an IQ test to become a politician. Rick Perry is a prime example, as is Herman Cain and Palin, <insert long list here> (though Cain makes me laugh, Perry doesn't).

The statement "Some legislators aren’t comfortable funding Muslim schools. What’s to be done? How about not establishing these programs in the first place? Let Muslims fund Muslim schools. Let Catholics fund Catholics ones. Let fundamentalist Protestants pay for the conservative Christian academies and so on" strikes the biggest chord of all. Why is there funding for these schools in the first place?

Money in politics: You don't earn your position, you buy it.

LOL dummies.
wanna really rile em' up just send in the First (bad ass) Lady!

 Yes her Christian privilege is showing but as a State Representative for Louisiana (and Republican) her ignorance of the the First Amendment to our Constitution is reprehensible.  




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