From the Monroe, Louisiana News Star newspaper:

Best quote ever from this article:

We want evolution taught, but we want the fallacies in the theory taught as well," Cleveland said. "There have been outright lies that have been perpetuated throughout the years."

Basically, the state of Louisiana changes its textbooks every seven years, and this year they are putting all their new textbooks up for public review.

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So, they want to teach lies to undermine current thinking...and they openly admit it. Oh, Louisiana, you are in for some fun.
Darwin said that if things can be proven against my theory, then my whole theory breaks down," he said. "Darwin didn't have the microelectronic microscope. We are able to see inside of atoms. The DNA is so complex that mathematicians are saying that there is no way that macro evolution occurred. Science is proving creation.

That's gets my daily LOL.

Where are these mathematicians? You mean there's just one, and he works at the Discovery Institute? I'm shocked!
Wow, I like this part:

In 1999, Dembski was invited by Robert B. Sloan, President of Baylor University, to establish the Michael Polanyi Center at the university. Named after the Hungarian physical chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi (1891–1976), Dembski described it as "the first intelligent design think tank at a research university". Dembski had known Sloan for about three years, having taught Sloan's daughter at a Christian study summer camp not far from Waco, Texas. Sloan was the first Baptist minister to serve as Baylor's president in over 30 years, had read some of Dembski's work and liked it; according to Dembski, Sloan "made it clear that he wanted to get me on the faculty in some way".

That's why you don't make a Baptist minister the head of a university.
Heh, yeah, I just read that. What does seeing inside of an atom have to do with Genetics and Evolution?

Considering that Darwin formed his theory (Origin of Species published 1859) independent of the knowledge of DNA (Friedrich Miescher, 1869), I'd say the subsequent science has backed up Darwin pretty well.

And just because your preacher told you that science is proving Creation doesn't mean that it is. Most preachers know next to nothing about science, and the rest know just enough to screw it up and be dangerous. If you want to know what science is proving, go ask a scientist.
Hmmm...What was that about "outright lies" again?
It's an electron microscope, not a microelectronic microscope. I'm glad they quoted such a dumb ass.
So they want to ensure that no student who graduates from those high schools will be able to pass first year biology classes and hence never have the chance to become doctors?


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