Seriously? The supporters claim it doesn't promote christianity but it's pretty obvious what they want to do. They want to make citizens good little followers. 

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I say go for it. Then, when they do adopt it, they'll have to adopt Leviticus. This will mean outlawing shrimp Po Boy sandwiches, Oysters Bienville, Andouille Sausage, Boudin Sausage, Crawfish Gumbo, and a myriad of other foods. Not to mention ham for Easter. I double dog dare you to do it, morons!

Once they start READING that book instead of cherrypicking, they'll throw it away in disgust.

Presuming they know how to READ...


they cant do that. it would make it an endorsement by gov of a specific religion and that is contrary to a main premiss of the constitution.

Yea it'll get shut down in court which is why some lawmakers in Louisiana actually have some sense and are trying to get it to fail.

As a work of fiction it certainly doesn't compare to modern works, but compared to other contemporary works of fiction it compares quite reasonably.

It will cause more trouble that it is worth. Dedicated legal atheists will see to that, but if they want it then welcome to Moronica.

Maybe this is a good idea, if they make sure everyone can actually read it.

Louisiana is in the bible belt.

Some of us can read.We just don't think.

Good Friday we will be celebrating the Ass Kicking and Abuse of Jesus again.We can't seem to get it right.

We do not need the bible as a state book.It is political insanity.

Besides what will the Catholics think of the King James Version.

Pat the Catholics will not give up the Food.

Of course the governor professes something politically.


It was good cause Jebus died for me and took away my sins

Oh, boo hoo hoo. They killed my Jebus

But it was good cause now I can go to heben cause of Jebus

Oh, boo hoo hoo. They killed my Jebus

It was good cause Jebus shed his blood that I might live

Oh, boo hoo hoo - for pete's sake can you make up your mind!

Good Friday and he "rose from the deed" (what deed?) on Sunday morning. That wasn't 3 days in the ground. Do the math. He wasn't even buried in the ground. WTF! They placed him in a tomb when everybody else killed like this was buried in mass graves.

Something just isn't right with these scriptures.

Very embarrassing for me. A local radio host thought it was a good idea. One man really thought everyone in Louisiana had a bible in their house. Small minds. 




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