Which is better for modern ages ? I need Opinion.

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Look for the data.  Google on it.  Are there surveys or studies saying who is happier?  Which marriages last longer?  What is the purpose for marriage?  Which type of marriage serves that purpose better?  Are people who arrange marriage more, or less, accepting of the result?  I wouldn't want anyone telling me, at a young age or at any age, who I will spend my life with.  It would have been a big mistake.  I think you should have a choice.  I think most western people would say that, but we don't have the experience of other ways.

But I need opinion.

I would think that a 3-year marriage contract with an option to extend would be ideal. (This must include a no pregnancy clause.)  

I would say alternate between the arranged marriage and self-determined marriage.  But, I would be incredibly wrong to do so.  An arranged marriage is nothing more than pimping out your kids.  Many of these arrangements benefit the parents more than their children.  Slavery is wrong.  This statement isn't changed by how it is dressed ("arranged").

Hmm nice.

Both could work. What you need is sympathy between both partners, the willingness to work together, and it would be very handy that you find out beforehand if characters and opinions of the couple match. Better also ask what they expect of life together and what they wouldn't put up with.

These are the points I checked when I went to live with my current partner - 35 years ago.  It worked out very well for us.

Albeit love is good.???

Of course! But don't trust yourself when you're so in love that you think your partner is perfect.


Interesting !

But I admit it's easier when you have the freedom to live with each other without engagement or marriage - it helps to think about what you're doing. We married about twelve years after I moved in with my partner... not really in haste.

Love is like foist

Neither.  I don't understand why a freethinker would even consider arranged marriage.


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