Just a simple question. Why does it seem women these days are drawn to the Homer Simpsons of the world?

Now for my rant....

I'm tired of the idea that just because I am a shorter guy I have to work harder to gain the affections of the same woman as the taller guy eventhough he's nowhere near as intelligent, more of an asshole, and can't possibly treat you as well as I can.

I'm tired of being the good listener for my female friends and being the damned boyfriend substitute everytime they have an argument over something she has been known that he was going to screw up. I'm tired of being lied to with this crap about I want my "man" to also be my best friend, because seriously if that were true male and female friends would hook up all the time. But it don't happen because 99% of the time the female in that situation doesn't or is too scared it's going to damage the friendship eventhough he is for her the "perfect" guy.

I'm tired of getting phone calls at 2am to talk about the problems you are having with your boyfriend but you don't have the stones or the backbone to leave that piece of shit. I'm tired of you asking me my opinion on guys or who you should date, like I said eventhough the elephant in the room is that we should date eachother.

I am tired of having carnal knowledge of all your likes and dislikes and everything you, but somehow this jackass your fucking has no clue and he gets all the glory when I'm doing all the shit work by listening to your problems and fixing your relationship with him.

I'm sick of going shopping with you to pick out lingere for you that I will never get to see you in, EVER. I'm also pissed at myself for letting you get that damned comfortable with me in the first place, but that's no excuse for you crossing that line with no intention of letting me cash in those chips.

I'm tired of hearing about how your whoring with all the guys around town, and being completely left out of that.

But most of all I am tired of you sending me mixed fucking messages about the boundaries of our relationship. Seriously, it is not cool to get in bed with me lay next to me just because you want to be held or feel lonely...and then on top of that expect nature not to kick in ever and for me to think something else completely and you get all bent out of shape about it.

I am not your gay friend. It is complete friendly castration to get in bed with a straight guy, your not related too, and it's not a life and death situation to spoon with you.

Your my friend, but your a fucking tease and I hate you secretly.

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Oh, and I do have my confidence back though now I must overcome my obliviousness to "the signs". lol
I work for a few days and this thread somehow develops into Sebastain 101. LOL.

Look Sebastian I know what it's like to feel seriously awkward around girls. Hell I'm 26 myself and I still get butterflies in the stomach when I see an attractive girl and want to say something but don't because something gets stuck in my throat. It happens.

Coming up my life was interrupted in that department let's just say...so when I got out of HS I didn't exactly have a developed comfort level talking to the ladies. But what I did have is that I know what kind of man I am, and what I'm about. For me it's easy to be cool and be friends with the ladies...if you notice certain things about her compliment her. That's it. Just give the compliment and don't say anything else...I guarantee you 9 times out of 10...this will start a conversation. Why? Because you complimented her and did not expect anything in return for that compliment. WOMEN LOVE THAT. TRUST ME. WORKS EVERYTIME. And if she is one of those stuck up types...what you lose? Nothing. It was just a compliment. And any woman that for real can't take a compliment isn't one you probably need to be talking to anyway. So it's no loss on your part.

Any true man who does care about women, loves women, deep down inside is going to be a bit nervous about them... because you do want to "say it right" and not make an ass of yourself. But you can't be so wound up about it that you completely make it worse. You do gotta be yourself in the end this is true, but you have to be willing to re-examine yourself and go..okay what can I improve on? And you see something you don't like you've got to be that. It's not all about how many women can you score with...for some guys it is...but for the vast majority it's not. Most guys are out there trying to find that one woman that can be his everything. And that is a slow, tedious, painful, gut wrenching process.

So be you, just be cool.
I never understood this any man that "loves women", "cares about women", "ect... women", thing.

I mean, I love CERTIAN women. PARTICULAR women.
In another words if you appreciate a thing truly, you'll want to do it right. Thats all
wow Dre, that post gave me a smile. Good advice and from the heart.




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