Just a simple question. Why does it seem women these days are drawn to the Homer Simpsons of the world?

Now for my rant....

I'm tired of the idea that just because I am a shorter guy I have to work harder to gain the affections of the same woman as the taller guy eventhough he's nowhere near as intelligent, more of an asshole, and can't possibly treat you as well as I can.

I'm tired of being the good listener for my female friends and being the damned boyfriend substitute everytime they have an argument over something she has been known that he was going to screw up. I'm tired of being lied to with this crap about I want my "man" to also be my best friend, because seriously if that were true male and female friends would hook up all the time. But it don't happen because 99% of the time the female in that situation doesn't or is too scared it's going to damage the friendship eventhough he is for her the "perfect" guy.

I'm tired of getting phone calls at 2am to talk about the problems you are having with your boyfriend but you don't have the stones or the backbone to leave that piece of shit. I'm tired of you asking me my opinion on guys or who you should date, like I said eventhough the elephant in the room is that we should date eachother.

I am tired of having carnal knowledge of all your likes and dislikes and everything you, but somehow this jackass your fucking has no clue and he gets all the glory when I'm doing all the shit work by listening to your problems and fixing your relationship with him.

I'm sick of going shopping with you to pick out lingere for you that I will never get to see you in, EVER. I'm also pissed at myself for letting you get that damned comfortable with me in the first place, but that's no excuse for you crossing that line with no intention of letting me cash in those chips.

I'm tired of hearing about how your whoring with all the guys around town, and being completely left out of that.

But most of all I am tired of you sending me mixed fucking messages about the boundaries of our relationship. Seriously, it is not cool to get in bed with me lay next to me just because you want to be held or feel lonely...and then on top of that expect nature not to kick in ever and for me to think something else completely and you get all bent out of shape about it.

I am not your gay friend. It is complete friendly castration to get in bed with a straight guy, your not related too, and it's not a life and death situation to spoon with you.

Your my friend, but your a fucking tease and I hate you secretly.

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Sounds like you might have some issues with pride yourself, Sebastian.

No one mentioned anything about ranks.

And if you see a potential lover/friend/mate as "bounty", you're swinging at the wind.
Bounty was part of the analogy. You know what I meant. And just because I don't want to be a slave, doesn't make me proud. I'd prefer the middle ground, but as I said, so far, I am not convinced that it is 100% possible with the women I've come across.
You should start a post polling people how they met their significant other.
Have you ever been to counselor in high school/college?
Do you have a relationship with your mother, aunts, grandmother?
Are you an orphan?
Do you live alone?
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder?
Are you on medication?
Do you think that you are a danger to others?
I have a psychologist

I'm quite well with my family members


Been living alone for 9 months now after moving from my parents' house

I suffer from ADHD


I don't think so
I'm tired of being the good listener for my female friends ...

I think you could try to set boundaries on what you'll listen to. Sooner is better than later, but later is better than never. A single female who meets me knows I'm happily married and have kids, etc in the first 5 minutes. There isn't ever any question. This is part of who I am also - my family is a big part of my life so I don't have as many other things to talk about. Flip that around to your situation and let women know where you stand about things - what you're looking for in a friend or lover. What you won't pu up with.
Which is it? Do you never see women, or do you see them all the time and they ignore/manipulate you?

I never said I didn't SEE women. I just never had so much as a conversation with them. That's what I mean by lack of contact.

This desire to point out flaws in my argument is very reminiscent of creationist logic.
I mean the way YOU were trying to twist my statements to make them seem like contradictory.
No one is trying to twist your statements. They speak for themselves. Please cease and desist from further discourse on this topic.
Wow! I sense a little frustration! LOL! I will say that most men have been in similar situations, to some degree. Now, I have read your post several times and nowhere does it imply that you have actually acted on your desires. (maybe it was stated in dozens of comments which I am guilty of not reading) Often times women will play that role because their feelings for you are the same as yours for them. There is definitely a social issue about women being the initiator in a sexual relationship. So, They may play the cat and mouse game until you make the first move.

Have you expressed your feelings to her?

Taking the plunge may cause stress in the friendship if she is not receptive but it may be the only option in keeping your sanity! LOL! If it backfires you will be in no worse shape than you are now!
I was once told that a girl liked me. Of course I go and ask her out and it turns out it was just a sick joked they played on me. I didn't go on a date or anything from grade 11 til my 3rd year of university. When I did take a girl out to this christmas ball she lied about having a good time etc (and made no effort to have a good time). She wouldn't have a drink despite being a big drinking and apparently "needed a drinK" when she got home. I didn't find out what she thought til much later but that's still pretty cruel. I completely agree with the rant too :P.
By the way, I was in a similar situation, but we were roomates! That adds another dimension to the problem! I did in fact make the move, and it worked! The relationship didn't last more than a year but it was great and we are still friends! Good luck!




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