I seem to have aquired a rather large amount of malware since joining this community and the only thing that cures it is a malware sweep and not opening this page anymore. It's sad for me, but I will probably have to stay away from you guys until I get this malware thing figured out. Until then, have a spooky and safe Halloween and I hope that Santa doesn't steal anyone's snack items and milk while they're sleeping ;o)


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There it is!
Or any other version of Linux...It sure works for me.
I would ask if you are running flash, as that is currently the main avenue of attack for most malware products.

I myself haven't encountered any malware directly at all on A|N, flashblock gets a lot of it.

What browser and malware detector do you use, just curious mostly.
We use IE 7 (because of the hole with the beta version). I have no idea if I even have a detector, this is the work computer and they don't seem to care about protection here. It sucks because I get all this crap on here and my computer does all these funky infected things and no one cares, so I better just stay away, but I don't want it at home either :o( I will try what you guys have suggested and see if it works :o) Thank you!
Aha... I see, work computer, IE7, and no IT department that actually cares, no wonder you are malware ridden. Avoiding any IE version is generally recommended, just because there are to many close programing ties to the operating system.

Firefox or Opera and a few plug-ins do wonders for prevention of such issues. Both can also be installed and used off of a USB key, to add an extra layer of privacy.
Firefox FTW, always...
No Windows.
While not impossible, I seriously doubt this is where you are getting the malware. There are plenty of systems in place to prevent it. Send me any info you have.
Yes, I would love to know precisely what it is you are doing here that makes you suspect malware. No offense, but people often blame mundane anomolies on malware. Especially techies - rather than look stupid and admit they can't fix your problem, they will often scratch their chin, pretend to look intelligent and so "oh, you've probably infected your self with something". I've had Microsoft support tell me that. More than once. MCSE qualified engineers.

Things I have heard people blame viruses for -

* A computer playing Für Elise - actually a motherboard failure message from a particular vendor

* Faxes losing quality

* pr0n left in the browser cache by a spouse/offspring - "they never look at stuff
like that"

* just plain old fashioned driver or file corruption

So, can you be more descriptive ? IE is poison - a lot of its behaviour can look crazy. There are many that will say *it* is malware.
Sorry for the delay, trying to stay away remember ;) Haha. Anyway, I got a bunch of different malware "sweepers" and such things and nothing came back as corrupted or an issue of any kind.

My computer mostly hates me is what's wrong with it. To be specific, the mouse/cursor jumps around at random and sometimes it locks up the screen and highlights at random and I have to ctrl/alt to release it or sometimes ctrl/alt/delete and open the task manager to release it. This was blamed by IT on malware caused specifically by online social networking such as A/N and Facebook (the reason I was wary of A/N is because it seemed to be 100x worse when I was on here than anywhere else). Another problem is when I use Adobe or Excel specifically the cursor completely locks into a select mode and I cannot drop whatever it is that it was on when the lock started. I have to ctrl/alt/delete to the task manager and end task, several times because it says it cannot be stopped (which is kind of funny in a ironic and crappy way), and I can't even use these programs. IT blamed a lack of current updates for that one and proceeded to update my computer (which should be automatic in my opinion) and 2 days later it was worse.

An IE specific issue is that sometimes the window freezes and says it has to close, for no reason. (Maybe these are stupid things that are not a malware/spyware/virus issue and are easily fixable... *crosses fingers*)

I saw the suggestions to use fire fox, I will try that. However, should I completely uninstall IE from my computer and run fire fox, or can I leave it and just not use it? This is for remaining inconspicuous at work, although, I doubt they would notice if I started running a completely different OS on this thing, they really don't care at all about our network, it's so sad.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help! I will keep you posted if I find any evidence to support my original theory about A/N Brother Richard :o)

I haven't gotten so much as a false positive from the nexus. Hrm.
I've used firefox in the past, but right now I use Google Chrome web browser. I works great, I love the way the history, and bookmarks are done. I get almost no spyware/malware on my computer using it.

If you got a bad virus on your computer get malwarebytes software (for free from download.com) and run a full scan. Our IT department uses it all the time on work computers, it's really good. If you have problems running it, then you got one nasty virus but you might be able to install and run it from safemode. I've also used the microsoft liveone scanner from the microsoft security site, which runs over a live connection, so you have to run safemode with networking. This worked on my last virus, which had blocked malwarebytes from running at all.

For a virus/spyware scanner that runs all the time get AVG, which is free, it's very good, and you can schedule scans with it.




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