I seem to have aquired a rather large amount of malware since joining this community and the only thing that cures it is a malware sweep and not opening this page anymore. It's sad for me, but I will probably have to stay away from you guys until I get this malware thing figured out. Until then, have a spooky and safe Halloween and I hope that Santa doesn't steal anyone's snack items and milk while they're sleeping ;o)


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I downloaded Safari and *poof* all my problems vanished... isn't Apple amazing? It should be worshiped as gods and people should kill each other over which macOS version was the best instead :P

I did try firefox, opera, and updated my IE (not the 8.0 beta, just the 7 update) and found that whatever was wrong with my computer definitely didn't like firefox at all! Opera was about as good as IE but the interface was completely different and I didn't have the patience to deal with it (however, I was really excited about syncing all my computers to my favorites and such, oh well) so I tried the IE update and it helped a little, but not 100%. While I was on Apple's website I remembered about their Safari and how awesome they're always saying it is, so I decided "why not?" and downloaded it. If I believed in magic or soul mates, this would be it, lol.

Thank you all for your concern and support. I am so grateful to have a place where I can go with my problems, no matter how trivial, and be showered with rational, positive reinforcement as well as help! Prayer doesn't fix computers. You guys are the best :D

Awww (on behalf of all the helpers) geez...

It helps when people (such as yourself) have issues with the site, and then report back what worked for them, so thanks!




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