I have heard that little maxim from my parents when it comes to homosexuality and the discussions we've had about same sex marriage.  The following article is significant because it does a nice job explaining the history behind many of the narrow views of the Evangelicals: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonathan-dudley/evangelicals-gay-marr...

I plan to share it on Facebook.  I often wonder if atheists should turn the phrase on its head and say something like: Love the Believer, Debate the Belief System.

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Love the Believer, Debate the Belief System.


I like that, but I think I'll start using "love the believer, hate the belief" instead.

Well, if we're gonna go there, how about "stupid fucking belief"?
That's the value of teamwork!
Why not hate them?
Doesn't hate come from being wronged? Have they done anything to you personally that would cause you to hate them?
Nope, not wanting to argue. I agree with your views.

People are supposed to love God more than anything else because he is the Father, the creator who brought you into this world. Nothing and no one comes before him, so it's perfectly normal to love someone and still hate what they do. The fear of Hell is annoyingly strong in believers (you can tell I've been imersed in this junk), but I see the look in their eye when they tell me such things and I know they only care about their God and easing their conscience. That's it. Everything else is secondary or doesn't matter.


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