Loyal to the end: Heart-breaking photo shows Navy SEAL's devoted dog guarding his coffin


Rest in peace sir. Thank you for your service. And be well sweet precious and loyal friend, dear Hawkeye.


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Sadness: Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson's Labrador retriever Hawkeye was lo...



Man's best friend: Mr Tumilson's family members followed Hawkeye in...

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Who needs gods when we have dogs?

This story had me all choked up yesterday too.
That's so sad.  The dog is still loyal to his friend. I feel for Hawkeye.

That is a powerful picture.

It really makes me wonder why dogs do that.  Are they unable to understand the finality of death?  Do they feel dependent on their companions for survival?  Do they feel a lasting dedication to their companions even after death?  Do they worship humans as deities?  Do they believe in life after death?

Different possibilities require different levels of "intelligence," which is why I'm so curious...

Regardless of what it is exactly ... what would YOU give for a friend that loyal?



and a "good boy"

Well, the loyalty doesn't really mean anything if it's nothing but a survival instinct.  You are a tool for survival.  They don't know any other way of supporting themselves, so they stick by you as a dependent.  It's not the same as an emotional attachment independent of benefits received, which has a lot more meaning.

Loyalty...  I'm going to define it in this case as "supporting someone even when you disagree with them or when it would hurt you."  I would not give anything for this type of friend.  I would not ask for this type of friend.  I would certainly appreciate it, but I would find it immoral to oblige someone of this behavior by giving them anything in exchange for it.

Or maybe loyalty is just making sacrifices of any sort for someone.  A friend is loyal to me if he chooses to spend time with me instead of going to a more entertaining event with his other friends.  Should I want someone to do that for me?  I don't know what I would give...  Interesting.  Loyalty is a virtue I have not really considered much.  Is it really a good thing?  Should it ever be expected?

IMHO I think that they might actually understand the concept of "loss" of a companion. Understanding death I doubt they do, but they do know when something is seriously wrong.

Could also be a form of serparation anxiety, its really hard to tell.

Maybe some day we'll be able to understand whats going on in their heads.


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